Friday, June 7, 2013

Swamp Goblins: Dirtiest of Players

Here is the rest of the Swamp Goblins.

Playing in the mud helps them level the playing field against larger, tougher opponents.

A full team with about anything a goblin coach could hope for: 13 goblins including pogostikka, loony, fanatic, and bomber. Star Troll, and Star Pogo, Chainsaw, Fanatic & Bomber. Plus coach and markers
Now they just need bribes!

Close Ups- saw the trolls yesterday, now here are
The Players

The Nasty Weapons.
Truly nasty.. one of the pogos is a severed horse head.  yuck.

A various collection from half a dozen minis manufacturers to make this team.

They now join the ranks with the other completed teams in the Hall of Fame: click on the page tab at the top to see more.

I now am itching to make a goblin team for myself!


CCR - Born On The Bayou Woodstock 1969


Francis Lee said...

I must admit they do look cool and dirty!

Anonymous said...

Very cool indeed. I really like the stars and special figures. There some neat poses in there.

Simon Q said...

Cool looking team love all the special weapons bods.

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