Monday, June 17, 2013

The Rat Pack: Blood Bowl's Smoothest & Most Stylish Rats

One of the perks for going to the NATC in Las Vegas was a free team.
That's right.  A Free Team.

It's pretty nice when a tournament produces and gives a free miniature, but this one really went in big with a whole team of Skaven.  You could even add a mess of goblins, in the same style, for $20 to have the option of running them as Underworld.

In keeping with the Las Vegas theme, the team is 'The Rat Pack' with all the Skaven hitting the field in their performance tuxes.

As Joey 'The Lips' Fagan explained when asked in "The Commitments" why they had to perform in suits he said 'because my boy, you always play better when you're in your suit".

I was commissioned to paint someone's team from the event, so I still have my team left to be done.
This one was requested to be in the colors of Arizona State University, so they have Blue suits, White shirts and Red ties.

So Sharp.

Let's check out the rats!

Probably my favorite, the Blitzers, in their fedoras just look so cool. 

But everyone knows it's the Throwers that get the girls. 

Not that the Runners don't draw their share of the spotlight.

Linemen: unsung heroes in most teams, in the Rat Pack they too have star power, needing shades to protect their eyes from the flashes of fans' cameras. 

But don't mess with them, they have muscle backing them up.

The team all together,now joining the ranks in the 'Hall of Fame' page (tab at the top)
Click to enlarge.

I suppose the obvious music to accompany would be Sinatra, maybe Dean Martin, but for me, my musical taste and musical history this is what I had in my head...



Neilpferd said...

They are so cool, only in Vegas would you get a full team!

Michael Awdry said...

Now they are seriously cool! I wonder what colour scheme you'll choose for your livery?

Simon Q said...

Thats a really cool looking team there mate. They look superb

Can you Dig It?

Anonymous said...

I like those a lot! Well done!

Thomas said...

Great work, I love 'em!

Scott said...

Very funny!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks everyone :)
They were fun to work on. I enjoy painting skaven skin.

Michael: I'm not sure. I had thought classic black tuxes, but I like the blue. Maybe I'd do light powder blue? Or maybe more likely paint them as Sharkskin Suits, with the near-black shadow folds & shiny highlights.. blue-green? But since I have 2 skaven teams in the works already, I was thinking I may convert these to have pisols, clubs, tommy guns & run them for some kind of post-apocalyptic neo-chicago gang for pulp gaming, and give them pin strip suits.

Anonymous said...

No cheerleader?

Makes me wonder what a skaven Moll would look like! A 20's Flapper? Or a 30's Torch-singer?

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