Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fast Frankenpig: Converting a new Road Hog

Another conversion for Hordes, but this time for the Farrow, a species of sentient bipedal Boar-men.

I do tend to favor the 'animal' races more than humans. I guess I just like animals more than people.

And how can you resist an army of pigs? It's nearly as cool as an army of Apes!

So awhile back I started collecting Farrow, because, you know, I'm addicted to minis.

The Farrow are from the 'Minions' faction for Hordes: the least expansive faction, and to make matters more difficult, it is split between two separate, non-mixable sub-factions: pigs & alligators. Alligators.. another of my favorite animals to paint, so I don't suppose I'll be able to resist them for long either.

So, there aren't many options for minis to field, so when you don't like the look of one of the only two heavy warbeasts, and you don't want to repeat a lot, you have to get creative.

So, not liking the look of the 'Road Hog' I decided I'd have to set about making my own version of this Frankenpig:  Farrow Heavy Warbeasts are made from very large boar beasts and lots of metal & steam.

This is the results of the conversion. Not a lot of the original pig.

Hello Handsome.

I wanted something that felt like Movement. This is the 'Road Hog' after all. 
The road Hog is quite fast for a heavy beast, with options to punch it into overdrive.  
He's also armed up with a flame thrower, for added ability to 'reach out and touch someone'. 
But the original mini looked very static to me:

He's just standing there, feet planted, and while he's got those bouncy spring feet, they're so small and he's so top heavy I just don't think he looks fast. 

So I opted for using a Mariner warjack as the base, because it has some more substantial looking legs that look like they have some power in them, plus it's got a nice running pose. One claw arm swinging back, the original flame thrower swinging forward in a threatening manner, and head to one side all flows for running movement.  

Nice thing about Hordes is no worry for conversion & game restrictions about which arm holds which weapon, since only warjacks can have specific arms destroyed. 

I used the big exhaust from the Road Hog, but had to sculpt a neck and razorback mane. A lot of the muscle work i sculpted doesn't show or is hard to see, but I'm glad I did the effort anyway. 

Here's more angles:

I've gone from having a warbeast selection I didn't want because I didn't like the mini to one I'm looking forward to using! 

The local game store is going to have an escalation league like last year, so I'm tempted to find the time for it, and maybe bring Pigs this time. 


Francis Lee said...

That's the sort of creature that will upset your day....every day, nice work!

Simon Q said...

Nicely modified Like the look of this faction, Look forward to seeing yours painted :D

Michael Awdry said...

Every time I look at him I want to scream 'Pigs in Space!' Great job Sir.

Alfrik said...

You can easily avoid Pigs in Space when you could have Apes in Space, but you about Guernsey's in Space!9the black and white dairy cow variety!) ;)

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