Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poll: Chaos Conundrum! let your voice be counted.

Chaos Cup: 2013.

One of the 'Blood Bowl Majors' Tournament Events around the world.
The only one that is held in the United States. One of two that is held in North America.
Two others in Europe, and I think a fifth is added to the four, and is in Australia?  I'm not clear on that.

Just like me I guess to have gone to a Blood Bowl Major but not the one closest to home: I went to the Dungeonbowl in Dusseldorf, Germany earlier this year (still have to get around to writing up those game reports!)  But I'm finally going to go to the US major: The Chaos Cup, in Chicago. Should be fun.

And also just like me, if I have the choice, I'm likely to want to make a new team for a tournament.

Since the Chaos Cup has a 'Chaos Theme' (stands to reason), I feel inspired to take a team with a Chaos Theme, or one that fits into the 'four chaos chosen teams' : Chaos, Nurgle, Chaos Pact, Underworld.
-- Sorry Chaos Dwarves, the organizers are not acknowledging your chaos-worthiness.

So I'm going to run a Poll, to see what all of you think for which team I should take.
Now, I am an indecisive fickle jerk, so I may take your winning choice and just ignore it... how is that for Chaos? But I'll at least give it more weight in my decision. So you're getting your money's worth.

I have a Chaos Pact team, but I'd like to take a new team.
I've built a Nurgle team, but the team construction package seems too restrictive to get a fun team I'd want to play out of Nurgle.

I was considering a 'Stunty Underworld' : Troll & 12 goblins. That's it. Theme that it is 'chaos' and fun that it counts for 'stunty cup', and the minis would be very cool: little classic 'hot stuff' type devils and a big devil!
But the team is just terrible.  It has to be the worst in Blood Bowl. Half the trolls that a goblin team has and no secret weapons? The 13 players come in at a team value of 59 out of 100. Not allowing any stars, that's just a painful-bad team to play for a whole weekend. So, despite the cool look they'd have: sadly, no.

For info sake, the construction is Team Value 100.  That's a basic starting team of 1 million gold pieces.
Then you get 150 team value to purchase skills, but you can not purchase the Leader Skill.

So I've narrowed it down to 4 choices! Some are true 'Chaos choices' for the event, others just have a visual chaos look, and I give no weight to being 'official' past the desire to indulge in the 'Chaos' of it all.

Option 1: Demons

This would be a 'demon alliance' team. Obviously very 'chaos' in appearance, but it would be a DarkElf roster team: Bloodletter Blitzers, Nurgle Linemen, Daemonette Witch Elves, Horror Runners.

The Dark Elf team is a pretty good team, but in a TV 100 environment will struggle because it has expensive players.  I'd either have 1 re-roll or even none, because I'd surely not want to eliminate one of the player types and lose out on having all 4 demons types represented.

It appeals to me because it'd be fun to convert from the plastic kits, and fun to paint.

Option 2: Nurglings
Yes, a whole team of nothing but these cute nasty little guys.  This would be an 'Ogre' team: big masses of Nurglings for Ogres and individual 'straggler' nurglings for snotlings.

The Ogre team is one of the worst teams. I'd probably just be looking to rack up casualties and fouls.

It appeals to me because the little guys are so cute ;) and I like the theme of concentration of nothing but nurglings.

Option 3: Beastmen

The Willy Beastmen. And I say Beastmen, not Chaos, since though this is a Chaos Roster, I would take NO Chaos Warriors!  Only 1 Minotaur and Beastmen. Horns & Hooves and nothing but. 

Chaos is an expensive team, and not a great one at low Team Value.  Eliminating the Warriors cuts cost so I can afford 3 Re-Rolls, though does sacrifice the strength bonus.  But it means the team is faster, has more horns-blitzing options, and it's just a fun theme. 

This appeals to me because of the characterful faces and the self-imposed handicap of no warriors. 

Option 4: Voodoo Gators

The least Chaos-appearing, but does fit into one of the '4 approved chaos teams' since it is an Underworld team. * Congrats to Neil & Bill for their spot-on guesses! And the Voodoo Magic of controlling gators and raising a giant Gator from the dead by Dark Magic seems pretty Chaotic enough.

The Underworld Team is an alliance of Skaven (larger gators) and Goblins (little gators) and a Troll (Big Dead Gator).  And they can have secret weapon stars: A Bomber, Chainsaw, and Ball & Chain (see the minis from 2 updates back) I can't squeeze them all in for a TV100 team, but I could get 2 of 3.

This appeals to me because I love painting reptiles and it's a pretty unique theme. The bases will be filled with  swampwater, so that should look pretty cool.

The Choice.

I'd like to get my pre-registration in by June 30th. And I want to play every one of these!
So help me decide please!

Select in the poll in the upper left corner of the blog and leave your comments below for which team idea you like best and why: why you'd like to play it, play against it, see it, whatever your reasons might be.

Also, my goal for the event is not to win it (not that'd I'd decline the trophy if I did) but I'm -obviously- not looking for the optimum team to crush all who come before me, but I'd like a challenging team that has a chance to not lose all my games too.



Scott said...

I have always had a 'bit of thing' for Slaaneshi Daemonettes, so they get my vote...

Sheep said...

Voted for the beastmen, cool theme and cool models with a chance for some cool conversions, and blitzing all game would be great fun lol.

The major tournament in Australia is called the Eucalyptus bowl or cup from memory.

Nightmare said...

The Nurgling-ogres would look awesome!

Old Fogey said...

I like those beastmen pictures, but are they like that in real life? If yes, then they get my vote. I also like the daemons, painting them all in dark elf colours would be cool to see. Nurglings and lizards, sorry, definitely not in the same league!

M R Lee said...

Nurglings, case I like them also. Plus I would like to hear what your opponent says when a Ogre Nugling model throws a tiny nurgling :) Plus so much choices on coloring.

And soooo close on the guessing indeed.. I got the model right (Bomber) but not the team. Forgot about the underworlder team!

Francis Lee said...

I'm going with the Gators!

Michael Awdry said...

It has to be the Gators for me, just can't resist your conversions!

Anne said...

It's the Voodoo Gators for me. For one thing, I like the way you paint reptiles and the idea of raising a giant gator from the dead appeals to me. And they've got those cool secret weapons. Lastly no one else is going to have anything like this.

Turms said...

All have great potential - but voted for Beastmen. I would like to see your take on the new Willy miniatures chaos team figures.

Tristan M said...

Since it's Slaanesh you could do daemonettes as amazons (pretty common though)

But I actually think your stunty underworld team could do a lot better than you think. Mutations are normals for underworld.

Troll - block
Gob - Guard/2 Heads
Gob - Block/2 Heads
Gob - Extra Arms
9x Gob
4x Reroll
80K to spend on FF/AC/CL, either 4/2/2 (you will win every extra reroll for sure) or 6/1/1 (very likely win rerolls and possibly get +2 FAME)

The extra arms gobbo is your ball handler, the other two are your blitzer combos - a guard that can dodge anywhere on a 2+ and a blodger that can do the same.

Tim Kulinski said...


I say Voodoo Gators, you excel at building cool looking models that no one else does, I would go with them. Because how many other Voodoo Gator teams do you think you will see?

Plus I love the fact you think outside of the box and use other figures that most people do not think of, go Gators man!

Xtreme said...

That nurgling team idea is hreat, would love to see it.

Neilpferd said...

I vote Nurglings too. Or I would do if I could see the poll from my phone!

Thantsants said...

Got to be Nurglings - great idea!

Anonymous said...

I like the Gator concept, but voted Beastmen because I've always like the way they look, and there's some neat potential for mods.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good options but the Gators get my vote on visual coolness alone.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks for the input everyone, I really appreciate it!

I wish I could take them all, but they'll all get built and played someday, just 3 will have to wait their turn.

Tristan: the stunty underworld has potential, but it's a lot of skill boosts to rely on stunty armor 7 strength 2. Actually, the way I was thinking of them was to take the Halfling Chef: almost as many rerolls but also denying maybe all of your opponent's rerolls.. plus stealing all the KOTable result rerolls, and could be very good. think they'd be best by exploiting mistakes in the opponentteam, & taking their rerolls increases the odds of that happening.

I'll update with the choice and why and team composition soon.

Thanks again everyone!

Mattias Darrow said...

I will see you there, friend. I think I'll be running pro elves, but I'm not sure. If that's what I want to go for, I'll have to get cracking! Only a few months away!

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