Monday, July 1, 2013

So Who Was Chosen to Champion My Cause at the Chaos Cup?

If you didn't notice the Poll running the last few days, it's temporarily still up, but finished, in the left corner.

I had to decide, something I'm generally poor at, what team to take to the Chaos Cup Blood Bowl Tournament this year.

The Poll showed a tie for first between the Beastmen & the Voodoo Gators, with Nurglings not too far behind, and the chaos demons trailing behind.  I was surprised about the demons, I'd have thought they'd be more popular- lots of converting potential there.

So what team will it be?

I figured I'd leave it up to all of you, but you weren't much more decisive than I was! 
But not to worry, all of those teams will be made in the future.  I'm doing the 24+ remember!?

So in the end I let the tie-breaker come down to theme. Since I'm a big fan of theme. 
The Chaos Cup seems to be dedicated to a different Chaos God each year, and this year is for Slannesh. 
If you're not familiar with the Warhammer pantheons, Slannesh is the Chaos God of pleasure & pain and I'm pretty sure is the patron saint of dominatrices.  

I've always wanted to make an all Beastmen team, in pink armor, dedicated to Slannesh of course. 
A Chaos team without any chaos warriors, just the animals: Minotaur & Beastmen, and name them:

Always loved that band, and the name just seems to fit beastmen overstimmed on sensation. 

Maybe the name doesn't fit exactly into the 'place/mascot' but psychedelic is a state of mind, it could be a realm of real estate too, why not? When someone says "oh that's so Psychedelic" maybe it is like when someone says "oh it's so French" or "it's very American". 

All this time a Psychedelic Trip was actually a destination! Who knew? 
That might explain those William Shatner Priceline ads. 

So that is that!  The Psychedelic Furs will play in the tournament dedicated to their patron god, goddess, hermaphroditic deity.. something. 

I already had the team made, but the painting will be a slow back-burner project, at least until the September deadline starts getting close! 

But I'll drop a couple players every so often to introduce them to you. 

I've decided to let Chaos reign, and take just 2 re-Rolls! so I can have 13 players.  
The Team may be named 'Psychedelic Furs' but the team members have names inspired from various 80's New Wave bands.  I know which ones some of them are already, others will get their names as I figure it out, though the roster is submitted so players, skills & player names are set in stone. 

Here are two Beastmen. "Squeeze" on the left, and "Echo" on the right. 
Since I have 12 Beastmen, and there are only 8 poses I knew I'd be converting some, and what better conversion for Chaos than mutations? 

So I have 2 with tentacles, 2 with claws, one with an extra arm, and one with a scorpion tail. 

More team members to show in the future!

In the meantime, an hour and a half of some great music to get you through Monday, or whatever day you found this on. 



Anne said...

Most excellent idea Ferret. I'm going to love this and that name-perfect.

Francis Lee said...

I chose the gators but the Beastmen will be cool I suppose:C

Tim Kulinski said...

Dude, I like it, the Furs, classic, look forward to seeing the Furs in all their glory.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Beastmen! I really like the theme you've picked should be fun. Wonder if you can find some large bunny mutants to go with Echo?

Anonymous said...

Yep, got the best-of cd in my collection :) So while i was a gator voter i'm looking forward to the result.

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