Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Halflings Than an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet! Two Halfling Blood Bowl Teams from Willy Miniatures

Who rang the dinner bell?
Because today we're flooded with a horde of halflings!

Willy Miniatures, who produces some amazing Blood Bowl sculpts, such as the awesome Beastmen I'm working on for my Psychedelic Furs for the Chaos Cup, launched not one stunning Halfling Blood Bowl team, but two!

Halflings are a fun odd team in Blood Bowl... Halflings are weak, easily hurt, don't move very fast... though they can dodge!  And they have friends... they nearly always have 2 Treemen and often have a 3rd, the mighty star Deeproot Strongbranch.  It's a team for coaches that are in the game for fun & laughs.. and the huge bragging rights that come from a Treeman throwing a halfling that's clutched the ball, landing and running for a touchdown before the opposing team can do anything about it!

So you have not one, but two teams to chose from (or pick both!)

The Ultimate Halflings!

See this campaign here:  Ultimate Halflings.

This one has taken off faster than the other... so if you want one of the early-bird deals, saving 5 euro, then act fast!  The team has 14 unique halfling sculpts, with a coach, chef & tree star as stretch goals.

The Imperial Halflings!

See this campaign here: Imperial Halflings. 

This team also has 14 unique halfling sculpts.  The team deal has the same treemen as the other team, with the same coach, chef & star tree as stretch goals too.

The costs and packages for both teams are identical, so it's just a matter of which style you prefer: 'professional sports' or 'landschnect'.

For those who don't trust their steady painting hand, the Imperial team has numbers sculpted on.

They both have some great poses.

I do wonder if it was wise to launch them both at the same time, but if one had come half a year after the other it might have suffered from those in the market for a halfling team already having bought one. This way the choice is right up front.

Me personally, I opted for the ultimate team: I like the look of some of the smooth curving armor.. should be fun to paint.  I have a team name and theme all picked out already.  Though I will probably pick up a couple of these Imperial halflings that I like a lot too.

So if you have ever been interested in a halfling team, and really.. why wouldn't you be? then go check these campaigns out!

Which do you like most? 


Barks said...

I've gone in for the 'Ultimate' team too. Really looking forwards to these little suckers.

Clint said...

Although not a Blood bowl player. I can appreciate some good "Fatling" sculpts. Thank you for pointing these out.

Laughing Ferret said...

Barks: I can understand.. they make me want to play halflings.. glutton for punishment, pun intended ;)

Clint: quite welcome! You know, looking at the Imperial Halflings, many of those sculpts would convert up for warriors nicely- give them some weapons, file the number off their armor and they're ready for the battlefield. .. gives me some ideas.

Francis Lee said...

I'd too go Imperial, I love the idea of bragging rights too!

Turms said...

Willy Miniatures really put out some quality stuff. I like the look of that treeman starplayer Oldstump - and it could be used for elf teams too, if you want to win some games too with these miniatures...

Mr Pan said...

I'm weak, i take both !

Anne said...

I think this will do well and should get its funding.

I know you paint for Impact. Do you paint for these guys as well?

Laughing Ferret said...

Fran: nothing like halfling bragging rights! Lose? 'i played halflings, u should beat me!' Win? 'I won with halflings, I'ma god!' ;) win-win!

Turms: Yeah that Stumpy treeman is pretty cool. My preference for treemen is for them to look more like living trees than the 'wood golem' style that this one is, but for that style it's the best I've seen.

Mr.Pan: I may too.. maybe I'm crazy, but the more I look at the Imperials, the more I like them enough to get them too.. something about the idea of having both teams for pick-up-games of 'halflings vs halflings' seems very fun! & they're different enough it'd be easy to tell them apart. I have ideas for both teams about what Treemen I'd use too.. tempting.

Anne: the Ultimate team will def. get funded.. already 2/3 there after just 1 day.. the Imperial is struggling a bit- only about 10% what the other has. I think it's a case of 'i can only pick one and i like that one just a bit more' and if most people have that feeling, the other loses out even though it's an amazing team.. but if one gets an A+ and one an A- and there are only 2 running in a winner take all.. that 2nd place suffers far more than it should. I hope the Imperials get funded too- more choice is always good.

I haven't painted for Impact for awhile, but am going to paint a very special Minotaur soon- that's not released yet that they'llbe using pictures of my painted version.. it's an amazing minotaur- I just might use it on my Psychedelic Furs team even though the Willy minotaur is so nice too and matches the style of course, but this other is my idea of a perfect minotaur, and it's cute ;)

Willy is a Spanish company and they have a relationship with a Spanish painter they use.

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