Friday, August 2, 2013

All For Dwarf and Dwarves For All! Iron Mask Dwarf Musketeer Kickstarter

This one nearly slipped by me.  My Bank Account may wish it had.
But that's the brilliant thing about Kickstarter: so many unique fun ideas are possible.

Like dwarves?
Like dashing adventure?
Like charming characters called Musketeers? (despite they never seem to ever use a musket.. ever.
Really never understood that one. It's like calling Jedi Knights "Blastermen". I digress.)

If you answered yes to any of those and especially if to all of them check out Iron Mask Miniatures' Dwarf Musketeer Kickstarter.  It has only a few days left!

The miniatures are nothing short (haha, get it?) of awesome.  They have that character-saturated style of 80's GW Dwarf characters, with the modern advantage of lots of separate heads and hands to create just the dwarf you want in the pose you want.

The bodies remind me of how Rakham Confrontation miniatures often are: ball joint neck, socket head, for easy posing options. Excellent.

Two sets of dwarf musketeer heads: fancy floppy hats (above) and variety of styles (below):

As add-ons they even have some dwarves with integrated heads, so they can have longer traditional dwarf beards, and those ringlet wigs.. those will come back in style someday, just you wait.

There are also Ogre Guards, likely in the employ of Cardinal Rich-dwarf:

Ogres also have separate heads and hands so you can get a lot of variety.
"You are the Brute Squad!"

The Reward sets also come with a pdf of skirmish rules.

I'm a sucker for skirmish games, a sucker for dwarves.. yeah, you know the drill.

These dwarves would also make a great warband for a skirmish game like Songs of Blades & Heroes, Mordheim, Legends of the High Seas, etc.

Most of the sets also come with a free couple of dwarf musketeers, a dwarf in the Iron Mask, and since the project has been funded before August 3rd, there will be a free Cardinal Dwarf too!  It has been funded- I have the honor of kicking in the pledge that edged it across the finish line.

They look like a lot of fun to paint, so if they look fun to you, check out their kickstarter.. not much time left!


Clint said...

DO I have a use for these.... NO.
Do I want to get them........ YES!

Damn the timing is just wrong at the moment. Still It is something to think about for the future.

Thanks for pointing these out.

Simon Q said...

They look so cool. Funny thing is I've bee looking at Blue moons 15mm Musketeers only last week lol!

Francis Lee said...

They're excellent and could I say....cute?

Anne said...

Dammit Ferret, you're at it again-tempting me. Dow you have any idea how much money you cost me last year?

You're what's known as an "enabler". Thank God lead is the only thing I'm addicted to.

Laughing Ferret said...

They are cool, and I am weak. couldn't resist.

Simon: I hadn't considered picking up any musketeers before, but have to say, a dwarf-theme makes them all the more appealing.

Fran: They are aren't they? They're sculpted by John Pickford, and he can make the most unlikely thing 'cute' and irresistible.. dwarves, kobolds, even the otherworld otyugh (which is a nasty thing) is cute.

Anne: Well I never promised not to drag others down with me ;)

Laughing Ferret said...

Anne.. actually if I was *really* tempting you, I'd point out this kickstarter for some great terrain for these dwarves & ogres to fight in...

I need a winning lottery ticket. damn but that'd be a nice environment for these dwarves.

Sam Wise said...

Very nice Dwarves!!
Musketeers ??
funny idea !!
I'm curious to see the Cardinal of Richelieu as a dwarf!

DeanM said...

Wonderful looking Dwarfs - fine painting too. Best, Dean

peter said...

These are the kind of figures I like. Funny and dangerous at the same moment!


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