Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Won! & starting to plan for upcoming give-away

Yes!  I Won!

So Long Suckers!  I'm outta here.. heading off to my new castle! 

Wait.  What? Not the castle? Just the land?  

No? So.. the art & furniture inside? 

No? So then... Oh! The library?  Has to be a lot of old valuable items in there..  Oh, just the one book then. 

A checkbook? right. So... about that whole 'sucker' thing... 

Well, my castle will have to wait, but in the meantime I have a cool new book to read while I wait!

Thanks to Edwin at Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist I was greeted by a fun book this week!
His blog is well worth the trip, go visit if you haven't!

Any new item must first pass inspection by the feline border agents. 

Evidently the topics of alternate timelines infuses one with a bright burning internal power. Excellent.

This is the third time I've won something from fellow bloggers since I began this blog, and since I'm heading toward some milestones: close to 300 followers (but hard to know when or if that number will be reached), close to 500 blog entries (a bit easier to predict) and closing in on 200,000 hits (easy to predict) I'll be planning some sort of give-away here too. Though not this book: I won't have finished it in time I'm sure.

So look for a chance for some free goodies in the near future.  No castles though.
If I find one of those, I'm keeping it!


Edwin King said...

I'm glad the book passes muster with the household gods, and I hope you enjoy it. It'll give you an Anglo-centric (more Oxbridge-centric) view of alternate history.

Thanks for the pointer to my site.

Looking forward to the giveaway and my chance to win something back!

Simon Q said...

Very cool well done. I musta do one myself

Paul´s Bods said...

What´s that Picture of my house doing there!!? :-D
Congrats on the win :-D

Francis Lee said...

Congrats on a good book win and of course we'll be here for free stuff:P

Sean said...

Congrat on the win, and you're a stones throw from 300 followers.

Phil Curran said...

Ooooh freebies. I wouldn't want the house, just think of all the cleaning.

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