Friday, August 9, 2013

Have Companion, Will Travel. Ongoing Doctor Who Project

Here is the first part of an ongoing Doctor Who project for a client.
As a fan of Doctor Who.. as much as I have loved the new series, especially the last 2 Doctors and find the depth of the linked storyline far improved, part of me will always root it all in the Tom Baker era I watched as a kid.. I'm very happy to be working on a project like this.

There will be minis from Heresy, Crooked Dice and Copplestone Castings.. all great minis producers.

So let's start with some companions.

The bases are not done since they'll be transferred to clear plastic disks later. 

It's a bit more challenging when trying to recreate a real person.

Time-traveling around the universe with beautiful women.. yeah, Life's rough Doctor. 

More to come.


Michael Awdry said...

Always rather fancied having a go at these, the miniatures that is! Great job Sir, like you loved the recent incarnations, but Tom Baker will always be my first Doctor.

Anne said...

These are going to be nice Ferret. I don't know that I've seen you paint humans before.

fireymonkeyboy said...

Cool! Are you going to do any Doctor figures?


Sam Wise said...

Very beautiful figures!
I've just received the Crooked Dice figures... waiting for the others !

I hope to paint them very soon because I want to offer them to my daughter and my wife who are fans of Dr Who (and the spin-of "Torchwood").

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Michael :) Yeah, that scarf is iconic Doctor for me.

Anne: Thanks Anne! Oh I've painted humans before, just if I have a choice I find other things more appealing: Apes, Lizardmen, Orcs, Quar.. dwarves & elves are pretty similar to humans, but even they're more appealing than humans usually. But I've had some human projects up here: Bandidos, Cavemen, Lord of the Rings men, Weird WWII Germans, Weird WWII Belgians (though humans are outnumbered by apes & monkeys in that army) I do have some humans waiting for project time: more prehistoric people, Saga Vikings & Normans, Celt army, Gladiators, and I'm tempted by WWII Soviets as well as Thirty Years War era Grande Dutchy of Lithuania due to my soft spot for Belarus (Belarus was a large part of the Dutchy) but yeah, humans are outnumbered here by a long way ;)

FMB: Yes! there will be 2 versions of D.Tennent and a M.Smith

Sam: Thanks ! Sounds like a great gift :)

Simon Q said...

Great job so far your eyes in these figures are superb! I hate eyes on mine grr!

Francis Lee said...

They're quite beautiful mate, damn good work.

Rodger said...

Very very cool! Beautiful paintwork!

Anonymous said...

Looking superb!

If i didn't have too much on my plate already right now i'd rush off and get some work done on my black tree Dalek Army and assorted good guys.

Sean said...

Very nice. I think you've matched the reference material quite well.

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