Thursday, August 8, 2013

Keep Silent? HET ! Spread the word for free stuff & win World War II !

Normally good advice, but not this time!  The word needs to go out! 

For Victory... or at least for Free Stuff!

Now that Mike over at Trouble At T'Mill is turning 50 he's giving away free stuff! 
Whether this is from an early onset of senility due to his obviously advanced age, or he wants to spread the wealth before he shuffles off his coil, since you can't take it with you, this is good news for all of us with open outstretched hands! 

Go visit the Mill here and check out how you can get in on the action. 

The give-away could get you a set of the new WWII rules from Too Fat Lardies, which after listening to the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast episode about the rules I thought they sound very promising. 

Playing Town Crier earns you some extra raffle tickets, so you might have heard this news already, if not, go check it out! 

Picking up new rules is always a good thing!  And apparently safer than picking up other things...

(consider yourself warned)

So go check it out, and pitch in on spreading the message!

And while we're enjoying some WWII propaganda, I noticed the Depressive Diplomatist announced today, August 8th, my Dad's Birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) is also "Dalek Day"

So Happy Dalek Day!


Sean said...

Good shout out and great posters. VD is not Victory. Priceless.

Sam Wise said...

agree with Sean: nice posters!

If I've understood, I just need some Daleks to win the WWII ?
Is there not an episode of Dr Who with the same subject ?

Anonymous said...

I scroll down having just mentioned my unpainted Dalek Army to find out i missed Dalek Day? Hmm. Well that gives me almost a year, that might be do-able... if i can ever decide on which colours to use!

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