Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 Questions for Gamers, Hobbyists & Likewise Interested Folks: This One Goes to 11

You know how these go, but there hasn't been one floating around for awhile (been a year since this one), so I thought I'd try my hand at a list of questions.  To keep it quick and simple, it's a list of 10, hopefully interesting, possibly irrelevant questions.

Though this list of 10 questions goes to 11. 

As always, the interpretation of the question is up to you, so trust your instincts.

What will it reveal about you?  Nothing the NSA probably doesn't already know, so have at it!

1. Dinosaurs or Dragons?

2.  In an RPG would u rather be a Player or DM?

3. You have a Time Machine: you can only take a trip to the future or the past. Return or not is your choice.  Which direction & how far? 

4. Favorite Online Comic

5. Of these Empires which do you feel is the BEST Empire and the WORST Empire? 
Roman, Mongol, Spanish, Russian, British, American. 
How you define Best and Worst is up to you.  
If you're feeling up to it, rank them from best to worst 1-6. 

6. Who wins the fight?  Roman Gladiator or Samurai ? 

7. Who wins the fight?  Darth Vader or Witch King? 

8. Who wins the dogfight?   Starbuck in Colonial Vyper or Luke Skywalker in X-Wing

9. Who wins the battle of wits? Tyrion Lannister or Wesley? 

10. Money & Time no object, what movie or novel would you like to have the armies and terrain in miniature to recreate and expand on, and in what scale?

11. Human Beings die off. What species rises to take our place, becoming the next sentient species with a global civilization? 

It will be fun to hear your answers. Feel free to share, direct others, add to the list yourself, etc.

And if you didn't catch the "11" reference.. Enjoy!


Michael Awdry said...

These look wonderful, I will have to see if I can't put answers to some of them for you - although number 1 is a shoe in for the dinosaur!

Asslessman said...

1) Definitely dragons, they are magical intelligent dinosaurs who can fly and throw fire
2)Definitely a DM, you get to play the best characters.
3)I'm going in UK in 1988 with a lot of cash and a return ticket :D
4) Ultimex (french comic)
5) absolutely impossible choice for me
6) The samourai definitely wins (superior technique, spirit, gear...)
7) I'd say they would tie (the battle ground would be of the utmost importance on the outcome)
8) Luke for the win ! (the guy can even do it with closed eyes)
9) Tyrion for the Win !
10) the invasion of Sicilia by bears (Dino Buzatti)
11) Mutant Dolphins crossbred with pandas

Elladrion said...

1: Dragons. ALWAYS dragons

2: Player. DM is too much work and I'm terrible at coming up with good scenarios on the fly

3: Future, 600 years. I'm hoping for space flight, mecha and medical immortality, but I'm afraid it's probably just gonna be Waterworld. Worth the risk

4: The one that started em all (for me): Dragon Tails. Funny, great art, good story. Long since over tho.

5: Best-American, worst Mongol.

6: Samurai. Has to be samurai.

7: Draw. Vader easily beats him, sabers off his morning star and kills the drake mount, but can't seal the deal due to the "no man can kill me" clause. Unless he's cybernetic enough that he no longer counts as a man, that's a possibility.

8: Hrm, tough one. Luke uses the force and blammo, but Starbuck just comes back as an angel. Eventually wins, but then Luke comes back as a force apparition. Then it's just a matter of haunting each other, and I think Starbuck gets bored and gives up long before Skywalker.

9: Wesley. Tyrion is fantastic both in the books and the show, but I'm pretty sure he'd drink the poisoned wine before Wesley even finished telling him there was a game.

10: Macross II in 1/285th. Not the most stellar answer, but I've wanted a VF-2ss Valkyrie mini since I was 14. Runner up: 300 in 28mm. Not sure where you'd fit a million Persions, but MAN would that be impressive!

Elladrion said...

11: Wolves. No real logical reason, I just think it would be awesome.

Ray Rousell said...

1. Dragons!
2. Neither, I'll be in the corner on the Playstation, kicking butt on Call of Duty!
3. Back to the weekend when there were no winners on the massive Euro lottery.
4. Don't really have one???
5. Got to be British , nuff said! closely followed by the Romans, did the Americans ever have an empire??
6. Samurai, a bit more agile and a very sharp sword.
7. Darth!
8. Ooooo I wanna say Luke, but just can't!!
9. Mr Lannister of course!
10. Hhmmm? I've always loved the Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell, so I'll have all the armies and factions for the early Dark Ages semi mythic please in 25's! nom nom!
11. West Highland Terriers.

MrLee said...

1. Dragons. Cause they breath fire and such!
2. DM. Cause I would rather mess with the minds of the players than have my mind messed with ;)
3. Past, 60 or so yrs. Taking the laptop with me ;)
4. None. Stopped reading them a while back :(
5. Best-British. Still going strong even if only in appearances.
Worst-Roman/Spainish. Both had massive heights of achievements, and now both of their main countries are fail at epic levels.
6. Roman Gladiator. Only cause he has the grit to keep going and has fought against a lot of ugly beasts.
7. Witch king. Only cause Darth is not pure of heart or innocent enough to kill him.
8. No contest.. Starbuck. Not only is she more gritty, and thinking outside the box.. she even has her own coffee franchise to back her up! :)
9. Neither.. they would continually battle it out until someone pulls out a sword and begins to state.. my name is.. and you killed my father.. or some such things..
10. Equilibrium. Cause? Why the frak not! I think it would be quite a little scene to make up, and move forward with.
11. Cockroches. Since they will be the only ones left when we destroy the world. And they can survive off of anything left behind.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

how is it that i have not been following you.. we've talked, damn me... blade runner is that crossover sci-fi film... there is talk [rumor] that they want to make a sequel. picking it up from where it ended 30 years later, my question "do androids procreate?

Jeremy H.

New Look, New Name and Same Stuff...

Jeremy [Retro] said...

past, the 440 million lottery and buy five tickets, same numbers.
Mongol... Russian
Witch King
cats and dogs [ghostbuster reference]

Paul´s Bods said...

3. Future...and come back with all the winning lottery numbers. I wouldn´t use the machine to come back, I´d walk.
4. I haven´t a favourite online Comic...but the Daleks one was fun.
5. Best and worst. They are all as good or bad as each other. Empires always end in insanity, nepotism and disaster.
6. The gladiator.
7. Witchking...he´s a lot bigger and unless Darth has Access to his ring (ooh er Madam) he´s got no Chance.
8. Vyper, doesn´t matter whose flying it, the Service on those x-wings is appalling, all the rust etc.
9. Lannister.
10. Cadfael. I get the whole of shrewsbury with Castle, all the characters, and the armies of maud and Steven. In 1/72nd scale.
11. The dolphins, not the Team but the porpoise thingys.

Diplomatist said...

The Angry Lurker said...

3. The future to see if we have one, about 100 years.
4.Larry Leadhead.
5.Roman for best, British for worst!
6.Samurai, I'm biased.
7.Darth Vader.
10.The Dragon Reborn novels in 28mm.

GaryA said...

1. Dragon
2. DM
3. Future, but have to think hard about how far.
4. Don't do online comics
5. Although all empires are inherently not good, the most effective (as in changes for the better etc.) was probably the British. However, most people ignore the fact that the cost of holding and empire far outweighs the gain to the 'Mother Country' and the subsequent costs and disadvanteges of the retreat from empire.
6. Samurai
7. Witch King
8. Starbuck and she's better in bed though her coffee is sh*te.
9. Lannister
10. Hmmm.... first impulse was 'Gettysburg' in 28mm, but Tony Richardson's 'Charge of the Light Brigade' would really mean Crimean War, all in, top to bottom in 28mm, so that instead.
11. Chavs . . .

ColKillgore said...

1 Dragons, too cool
2 DM, I seldom get to play but as DM I can plan games and campaigns for weeks.
3 to the future and bring that sports almanac back, Back to the future did it best
4 Schlock Mercenary
5 America number one, Spanish number 6
6 Samurai Wins
7 Witch King Wins. Vader may have had his wedding tackle burnt off but he is still a man, can't hurt the Witch King
8 Skywalker takes Starbuck, Hey That could be a movie title, of a certain sort.
9 Wesley wins
10 High Road to China, the final battle. I already have the Warlord era Chinese now I just need to finish off a chinese peasent army.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Crap, I didn't study for a pop quiz.
Past - twenty years
No idea
American best, Roman worst
Witch King

Laughing Ferret said...

Very fun to read all your answers, thanks!

I guess I should answer my questions too...

1. Dinosaurs.
I love dragons, but dinosaurs have such a huge diversity, plus what really pushes them over dragons for me is the amazement that still hits me that *they lived here*: this planet has been a completely different planet many times, it's just humbling in that 'look up at the stars' kind of way that dragons can't compete with.

2. Player
i haven't played in nearly 20 years, and I liked DMing sometimes, but I'd always rather discover something than be the one that hides it.

3. Future: 10,000 years.
That'd put it so I'd be coming from about the midpoint of civilization (if we still exist) and I'd really like seeing what comes of us & the planet that far ahead. If I come back or not would depend what I find. If I'd just be a slave in the Ape civilization, i'm heading back home.

4. Order of the Stick

5. This question was just mean. It's so hard to decide. So I'll start with the statement that I'd judge an Empire foremost by how it treats human beings and improves general quality of life. I don't give a crap about wealth & power as goals. So none of them strike me as very good. But, best I'd give to British, second Russian (assuming soviet is different), third American, 4th Mongol, 5th Roman, 6th Spanish. In my judging I'm thinking brutal enslavement is worse than brutal death, So Roman & Spanish fall pretty low, also why American falls low since slavery was used to expand territory. And yeah Ray American counts as an Empire ;) Just bc it draws a new border and says 'our country' doesn't mean it's not an Empire.. just ask native Americans from Atlantic to Pacific, ask the Mexicans, Hawaiians, Filipinos, Places like Japan & Guatemala: gunboat diplomacy and 'protecting economic interests' is just empire by other terms. sure you're just having a go, but a surprising amount of people overlook it just because it doesn't say 'empire' on the label. Was a hard call for placement between Russian & American, especially with my soft spot for Belarus, but if counting soviet as different, think I'd leave the order like that.

Laughing Ferret said...

6. Gladiator.
It's a tough call.The Samurai has better gear and amazing skill and a lifetime of training. Gladiator has similar skill and training, but gear isn't as good. But, a Gladiator is trained to fight a wide variety of fighting styles, while a Samurai has a narrower field of what to expect from an opponent. That gives the Gladiator an advantage. Plus a Samurai often accepts death as part of his life, where a Gladiator is fighting for his life, I'm thinking that gives him another edge.

7. Witch King.
Not just because of the 'no man may slay me' prophecy. For one, that might have just been hype, for another, 'humans' from the star wars planets may not be the same species of "man" as the Tolkien world, so that could be a work around anyway. But I think Darth just can't affect a wraith much. All his weapons and powers are against the living & physical matter. Plus this is evil v evil, and the Witch King is more evil... his power is fear, and somewhere deep inside Darth is Anakin and can be affected by it. It'd be an epic battle though. This assumes he doesn't bring the Death Star to the battle and vaporize Middle Earth.

8. Starbuck.
Force Shmorce. Starbuck is a better pilot in a superior fighter. Sorry Luke.

9. Tyrion.
They're pretty closely matched, but that's taking into account that Tyrion is drunk at the time. Challenged to fight to the Pain? He's not going to wait while Wesley explains it all, he'll cut him off with a brilliant retort, accept the challenge and send a crossbow bolt to Wes' 6th finger. Ouch.

10. Lord of the Rings.
All the battle locations, a complete Moria, all in 28mm.

11. Elephants.
It'd probably be a pretty cool civilization too.

Thanks for participating everyone, hope I get more answers from others too!

legatus hedlius said...

Some brilliant answers here!

Mine are at:

Mr Pan said...

1.Dragons: I love Fantasy !
2.Player: Not enough inspiration to be a great GM
3.To the Past, with de winning numbers loterie.
5.British, for the Victorian era, Steampunk YEAH !
6.Samurai, just for the style.
7.Darth Vader ... Force + Laser .. What Else ...
8.Luke Skywalker ...Dark Vador son's ... what Else ..
9.Tyrion Lannister, juste read the book and you know.
10.The iron throne could be a great strategy game of fantasy battles.
11.An ant world, they are already more and work harder than we.

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