Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Two Beastmen: Psychedelic Furs Team intro: Minotaur Edition! With Ramos Minotaur Review

The Biggest Tuesday Two-Beastmen yet!  Literally, since we now come to the Minotaur.. but not one, two Minotaurs!

The team has finally started seeing some paint.. skin/fur is 90% done.. some may get some markings, depends how much time remains when everything else is done, and they all have black shorts, next is the pink armor, then details: straps, metal edges around armor, the horns and hooves, bases.

So let's meet some Minotaurs!

This is the minotaur that comes with the Willy Chaos team.  It's a beautiful sculpt. 
He is surrounded by re-roll counters. Considering Minotaurs have the 'frenzy' and 'loner' traits, he probably needs all of these for himself. 

Here is the Ramos minotaur. 

It was originally made for an Australian tournament, and soon it will be available from Impact Miniatures.
It is cast in a 'restic' resin plastic, so this kit (not including the base) will be sold for less than $20 I think. 

The sculpt is gorgeous. Great detail and I love the hunching, rounded almost 'cute' minotaur. 

The material used I found to be easier to work with than the restic that Mantic uses: not as hard to cut & clean, not having a rubbery-resistance to filing. A bit more like traditional resin but not as brittle. 
Quite nice really. 

As you can see, he comes with 3 arm options: hand, tentacles, and claw.  I magnetized mine:

I did build up the connection spots on the arms with green stuff, to make sure the contact would be flush when magnetically attached. 

My only complaint was some defects in casting.  The tentacles had some gaps to fill, both kneecap armor pieces had not filled all the way, so had a curved piece at the bottom missing from them.. which wouldn't be seen often at the angle you would look at it, and the loincloth was missing a large piece in the center.  I filled all the problems, except the cloth, which was very hard to get in to recreate. As you can see in the 2nd picture where he's turned around, instead I opted to make a single shredded piece to fill in the gap just a bit and go with a 'tattered cloth' rather than try to recreate the complete cloth. In assembly, the tail tip broke, and he lost a fingertip, but a bit of glue & green stuff fixed that up fine. 

He comes with an icon of a hawk (?) in flight on his shoulder pad.  So I carved & filed that off, since I wanted it smooth to have room to paint an icon. This was very easy. Took about 1/10th the effort & time it would have taken if it was a metal miniature.  

So yes, more casting issues than you'd expect to find with metal or standard plastic sprue, but not too bad really, and for the price for a large big guy with kit of 3 arms it is more than acceptable. 

Plus the advantage of magnetizing the arms since it is a plastic miniature is beyond valuable. 

The question for me now is, which Minotaur should I use?  They are both great.  The Willy Mino fits the team best, but it's not so 'off' to have the one big guy be a bit more different, so I'm not sure which I'll use. 

I'm looking forward to a tournament someday with a high enough team value that I can take the star minotaur and have both on the pitch at once! 

Here they are together: 

Together they're ideal for a Strength 6 star minotaur (minostar?) and a strength 5 rookie minotaur. 

At Left is Mr. Jones.  His first name? You'll know that when he's deemed you worthy to know it.  
Fair warning, the process of being deemed worthy often proves fatal. 

On the Right is Pretty N. Pink. I'd advise against teasing him about his name. 

Mr. Jones is being painted with black fur and skin that transitions from almost black to grey-tinted caucasian.
Pretty is being painted with almost-white fur & skin, flesh tones at details around his face. 

Which Minotaur do you think I should use? 

Only one more Tuesday Two Beastman to go,where you'll meet the Cheerleader & Coach.

Until then, enjoy the minotaurs' personal songs!


Chris Stoesen said...

Clever use of magnets. I like it. You really have several miniatures to choose from at that point.

Anne said...

I like Mr. Jones better. He's beefier, he's more complex plus he's got those options for hands.

The pink armour will be fabulous and if you take these guys to Vegas, the ghost of Liberace will certainly pay you a visit:)

fireymonkeyboy said...

Got to say, I prefer the Willy one, it fits in with the rest of the team a little better.


Michael Awdry said...

Both are stunning sculpts, but Mr. Jones gets my vote, he just seems more powerful.

M R Lee said...

Love them both, bu I am going for free willy here.. Something about his stance just stands out to me.. but both are great and I would not want to face a double minotaur team on the pitch!

Hendrid said...

It's Pretty in Pink for me (but just because I like the song more)

Sean said...

Great figures, Mr. Jones is definitely the more intimidating of the two.

I look froward to seeing them progress.

Pit Sitniansky said...

"Sweet couple"... uhmmm.. Mino-Twix :).
Imagine how much joy they bring with them on the bloody field...
Great job!

Phil Curran said...

I prefer the Willy miniatures one.

Matt Harvath said...

Love the Psychadelic Furs. One of my favorite bands from back in the day. They are still touring. Saw them in June. Still putting on a good show!

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