Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Two Beastmen: Psychedelic Furs Team Intro pt.6

Another Tuesday already,.. I swear they just come faster and faster.

Surprisingly I have managed to put a bit of paint to them- not much.. just a touch in the late hours, but I finished painting the tokens, to test out the armor color, and 5 beastmen have a base color of fur with one initial shading.  There will be a lot of different colored goats, so they'll be done at different rates until the fur is done.   Not much (haven't had time) but it's a start.

So we come to the 6th installment of meet the beastmen, the last for the beastmen players.

So let's meet the players!

At left we have #9 Mena Twork  and at right is #4 Duran, son of Duran. 

Both are rookie Beastmen with no skills of note, but both have taken to the game and caught audiences by storm.  Critics of the game expect great things from both; they've caught the attention of fans from the start.

Mena Twork comes from the deep south tribes of Dow Nunda, where their hooves thunder and their enemies take cover. They do have some foul preferences for sandwich fixings, but they are beastmen. 

Duran Duran comes from the east, across the sea, and though some discount his ability saying his popularity is due to being such an attractive goat, his talent can not be denied. 

We're sure they'll make excellent additions to the team! 

That covers all the beastmen, leaving only Minotaurs and Staff to come! 

So enjoy the personal songs of these two players until then.

A classic. Had to be this song. One of the best songs for Sax in the 80's.

A great song, in a rarely seen format: a small 17 minute movie.
Revolution looks like fun in the 80's ....


Simon Q said...

Love the name Duran, Son of Duran. Fun videos brings back memories

Michael Awdry said...

Mena Twork! That nearly caused an incident with my cup of tea this morning - brilliant name. He has a touch of the Beelzebub about hime so might well have come from 'a land down under'!

fireymonkeyboy said...

I had the same reaction. Thankfully, I was in my slob clothes.


Oliver said...

Yeah there definatly good names and figs.

Turms said...

What a epic Duran Duran video: it has it all, and then some. Really liked those cavalry men armed with laser sabers!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :) These were two of my favorite names. Nice to know I got a couple people to Phffbt their morning beverage ;)

Chjeers Turms! I got a kick out of those light sabers (?) too! I wasn't sure anyone has watched the videos ;)

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