Friday, August 30, 2013

Doctor Who: Fashionable Fellow & Final Shots of the Project

Here are the final pieces along with the finished clear bases for the Doctor Who project.

The Doctor has always been a fashionable fellow, if a bit eccentric and odd about it.. which to my mind increases rather than diminishes this characteristic. But given that I grew up on the 4th Doctor, with his great big goofy scarf, which is also a useful tool second only to his screwdriver, I do find it a bit odd that the latest Doctors traded that scarf in for ties.  Even if the 11th's claim that 'bow ties are cool' is correct, which strikes me more as opinion than fact, the 10th's preference for neck ties seems odd to me when I think about it.

The only piece of fashion more ridiculous and life-threatening than the neck-tie is the high heeled shoe.
It's as if someone said "you know what would set off this suit nicely? A noose around my neck!"
Throwing yourself into dangerous situations, when people and things mean you harm, there are often big machines with whirling parts and toothy gears, a neck-tie seems like a fashion statement that's out to get you killed and one would think, even one who could reincarnate, that it's just not worth the risk.

But if he insists on ties, let's check them out...

The Doctor's outfit is inspired by the picture below.  In this outfit he does wear red converse, so again i have to wonder, if he's willing to opt for comfort with his shoes.. why the tie? Obviously, as a person who never wears ties I'm struggling with the concept. Moving on... 

Again showing a taste for cool suits and comfy old sneakers, this time he has his dirty old white ones. 
The striped suit was fun to paint. 

Same Amy, Doctor having changed his body almost as often as his suits, now looking a bit different. 
He needed to turn around to better see his jacket pattern. 

The bases are an interesting option.  Selecting clear disks so that the terrain environment can be seen through them, so you don't drag around a patch of dirt on a space ship, or a slice of city street in a forest. 

All for now, but might be more in the future..

Oh if only someone made some really nice Silurian soldiers in their current look:
 Yeah, I'd be buying those. 


styx said...

Nice work! Remember...Bowties are cool!

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking figures, love the clear base idea, it does make a lot of sense!

Mattias Darrow said...

Why ties? Because they're 'fantastic!'

The figures look great. Where did you get them?

And how do you have time to paint them? Have you finished the Furs already? I'll barely have time to finish my team by the 6th. And it'll be a crap job, too.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks guys.. fashion is just odd- I'm just glad we're not still living in the powdered wig era, now that'd be annoying.

Mattias: These were a work project, since work comes first always time for that, it's time for personal projects that can be problematic, but the Furs: not done yet, but good progress, I'm projecting it will be done in time, but I might wish I'd had more time, not sure I'll do anything like multi-colored goats.

The Unit soldiers are from Copplestone, the Doctors & Amy come from Heresy, Rose from Crooked Dice (who do have one Silurian, but I'm holding out for Silurian soldiers)

Don Hans said...

Great job! What is the make of the clear bases / where did you buy them? Like them a lot !

Clint said...

What I like about Dr Who is that he is one of very few male action leads which use brains and not brawn to solve problems.

The figures look really nice a worthy addition to anyone's collection.

James Brewerton said...

Great work on all the Dr's not fully sold on the clear bases yet but see the attraction
Peace James

Michael Awdry said...

Fabulous work! Ties are cool; they also have a Britishness to them that helps to establish the good Doctor's quirky persona - a nod to times gone by perhaps.

Rodger said...

Lovely paintwork on these guys!

Simon Q said...

Very nice all of them. I'm not really into the Doctor. Could you not use the Crooked Dice Ape bodies with the Silurian heads?

Sam Wise said...

Excellent work !!
I've those figures and I'm painting them too ! I've just finished Rose this night and the Tardis too (except the decals).
Not sure that my work will half as good as yours!
(I've painted one dalek and a cyberman and 3 wheaping angels too)
Where have you find the silurians ?

(and I don't have Matt Smith: I hate him !)

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all!

The clear bases come from Litko.

Clint: yes, I like that too.. more impressive for the hero to out think than just spray bullets.

Michael: yes, I'm waiting for a Doctor that's female.. why are they always males? many species can change it's gender within it's own lifetime, seems after 12 lifetimes at least a few of them could have been female... though she'd probably still wear a tie.

Simon: Crooked Dicehave some really great minis, but I'm not sold on the saurian heads.. none are quite like the silurians on the show (probably a copyright limitation) and the ape torso armor is similar enough, but the legs aren't right (good for planet of the apes though) and weapons I'd want the flared cone pistols rather than planet of the apes style weapons. But I am tempted by a Planet of the Apes skirmish band, with Crooked Dice and Antsy Castings combo.

Sam: sound fun! well, haven't found the ideal Silurians yet.. maybe someday. Or maybe I'd just need to convert my own. Matt Smith: it took me a few episodes to adjust to him since Tennent seemed like a perfect Doctor, but I grew to like the Matt Smith version.

Anonymous said...

From what i've heard the origin of the tie is a strip of cloth knights wiped the blood off their swords with.

My biggest issue with clear bases is what seems like a small surface contact area of metal to plastic supergluing otherwise i'd be very much in favor of them.

And definitely agreed on the silurians!

Peter Ball said...

Lovely work on those fellas!

Anne said...

Those turned out really well and I think the bases set the figures off in an artistic sense.

I'm with on the tie and high-heel thing. Barbaric inventions.

styx said...

Salurian Soldier ideas:

Well, the one cool character with a Katana, then a sprue of 3 heads, just have to find a lizard like body and you are set my friend!

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