Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Two Beastmen: Psychedelic Furs Blood Bowl Intro pt.5

What the hell?  Really?  Another Tuesday already? Has Slaanesh had me under some kind of trance?
Because it sure doesn't feel like a week since the last update.  Speaking of Slaanesh.. am I the only one who's thought there should be a god "Slannesh" two N's? Like Slann... a big Frog dressed up in domination outfit? Daemonettes of Slannesh... sexy frog girls with claws. Awwesome.  I'll do it someday.

Alright, I'm stalling.  I have had zero progress on the team.  Just too busy with work (having fun with Doctor Who mostly and the last part of a Blood Bowl team that came before that project) and stressing on the prospect that I may have to move (not out of the country unfortunately... Inka's still trying to get here, but we may give up and find somewhere else if possible) ... the idea of moving is daunting not just because of the wasted time in the moving process, or the money, but having to pack up a dedicated miniatures studio is not a fun proposition.
So hopefully that won't happen.

So on to the team!

This is the 5th update, 2 at a time, that means 10 players introduced... only 2 more beastmen to show, then the minotaur & the staff. If you hadn't noticed, all the beastmen names start with a different letter. I started with A, then B, then C (I'm sure this likely sounds familiar) I dropped sticking to each letter after some time, skipping ahead to other letters for other 80's band names. But alphabetical naming is a trick I use when I have a lot of the same type players: it helps remember which player is which and has what skill.

At left is #8 Kaja Googoo and at right is #7 Inxs.

Kaja is known on the pitch as a slippery player.  He favors a less head-on approach, ducking out of the grasp of opposing players...some tease him saying "doesn't want to play bash? What, is he too shy?" But he doesn't let that bother him.. someday he'll be a star receiver, he's sure.  He has no skills for the tournament, but that won't stop him from taking chances with the dice!

Inxs has developed an extra arm, in excess of the two required to play.  The apothecary says it's nothing to worry about, and may even help him perform better!  He has the 'Extra Arm' skill for the tournament.  Maybe 'sure hands' would have been better, but I couldn't resist the mutation.
 .. the extra arm is a conversion of course. a GW ungor arm with a mantic zombie hand. The number of fingers is different, which I like.. it's a touch more creepy that way.

Welcome to the team boys!  Before joining the herd, we'll let you enjoy your personal songs.



Barks said...

Looking good!

Michael Awdry said...

Awesome, I hadn't clocked the initial letter, but I was certainly enjoying the eighties revival with their names.

M R Lee said...

Great little conversion indeed. Now to go back on the other posts and catch up on my LF reading!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Barks! Hopefully they'll look better with paint.. hopefully they'll get some paint!

Michael, well I posted them in a random order, so it'd be easy to not spot. I have been putting them up in order of how I took pictures, which really was just grabbing 2 at a time at random, but I'm selecting the names from my roster I'd already decided on just based on which name seems to fit the look of them best.

Thanks MrLee! I've been posting a lot lately. Have a backlog of stuff to post been trying to catch up on ;)

Melanie said...

It is just an excellent music day all around, eh???? =)

Simon Q said...

They look really good. The guy on the rights pose is my favourite.

Anne said...

This team is going to be so cool. I like the name Kaja Googoo.

I don't know either one of these bands as they are 80's bands. When Bonham and Moon died I entered a deep period of mourning :)

Laughing Ferret said...

Melanie: some fun 80's in these, this INXS song is one of my favorites from the decade.

Simon: Thanks! Hard for me to pick a favorite, but I do love that one's headlong rush pose

Anne: i'd thought of using a different band instead of Kaja Googoo, but I thought it made a great beastman name

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