Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Two Beastmen: Psychedelic Furs Blood Bowl Intro pt.4

Another Tuesday, another two beastmen!
This has been good to help me keep track of progress.
What's been my progress since last Tuesday? Not a damn thing.

I've been too busy with work projects to make any start on this team.
I really hope I won't have to ditch the idea and use another team.. but there's still time.

So let's meet two more beastmen!

#11 Ultra Vox  and #6 Falco

Ultra Vox is an unskilled beastman on the team, but very enthusiastic! He's always belting out piercing cries that get the crowd excited!

Falco is a beastman with Guard.  The team might not have a lot of skills, but being a herd at heart they work together well.

Only 3 more updates until the whole team is spotlighted and then it'll be on to the painted team!

While they've got the individual spotlight, they'll share their personal songs:



Francis Lee said...

That Ultrafox is an excellent pose!

Anne said...

Sweet figures Ferret. Looking forward to seeing the whole team painted up.

fireymonkeyboy said...

What Anne said. This is going to be cool.


Mattias Darrow said...

Keep 'em coming, there's still time! I wanna see this team in the flesh! I only just finished assembling my elf team, and I'm still working on the sculpting. But I'll make it! And so will you!

Bill said...

Ultravox should be Ultra-Ox

Michael Awdry said...

These two look hard as nails.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks for the feedback all, much appreciated! Sorry was no real progress to report ;)

But eventually!

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