Sunday, August 4, 2013

Converting a Dark Elf Runner for the Chaos Cup Legacy Team

I can't resist these kinds of things.
A Legacy Team is when a bunch of different people all pitch in one miniature that forms a team. One of them chosen at random will get the team, which is nice, but the real fun is the concept.
So when I found out that Chaos Cup was organizing a Legacy Team, I figured I'd join in.  I already have to paint a new team for myself, what's one more?

The team selected is Dark Elf, with the stipulation of "no current GW Dark Elf Blood Bowl team miniatures" and for the remaining needed miniatures, a Dark Elf Runner looked like the most interesting.  At first I figured I'd convert one from Dark Eldar Wyche plastics, but after some looking I found a miniature from Reaper that just screamed 'make me into a Blood Bowl mini!"  So I did.

Here is the result:

(Click for larger)
I'll probably add a shoulder pad too. 

The original Reaper mini:

So I removed the weapons, the satchel & strap, cut back the skull and gave her a football, then changed the guarding arm angle a bit and rebuilt up her rear after removing the satchel takes some of it with it.

I just love converting!

So she's ready for painting now.


A couple posts ago I alerted everyone to the very fun Kickstarter for Dwarf Musketeers.

At time of posting, this has only a few hours left and has really shot up in the last day!

If you haven't missed it yet, I'll just point out that at any pledge of $59 or more you now get a lot of free miniatures! The stretch goals got lowered...

Just for the extra free minis you get:

2 Dwarf Musketeers
Dwarf in the Iron Mask
Dwarf Cardinal
Dwarf King
Rat-like Roquefort
Mi'lady Elf
Jussac the Ogre

Those free miniatures would already cost more than $59 on their own.

This is turning out to be quite the deal!

and it's on it's way to the set of extra hands with different items, like tankard, grenade, handkerchief etc
after that are a some Halfling characters & the Queen.. fun!

You also don't have to wait forever for the majority of the items.. seems that the Dwarves & Ogres are already set to be ready for September, with the other characters being released in waves: December, Feb & summer for the last ones.

So check out the Kickstarter, it ends soon!

And if you missed it, you'll still be able to buy the minis when released and sounds like they have plans to extend the line too. Can't wait!

Here are the minis that are (with $59+ pledge) are Free, or $7.25 each if the stretch goal doesn't stretch:

* Both Free

* Both Free
* Both Free
* Both Free
Still Stretch as of posting.
Still Stretch as of posting.

Shot of the Dwarves:


Michael Awdry said...

I just love your conversion work, always inspirational.

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