Sunday, August 11, 2013

Brokentooth's Guide to Goblin Greatness: Making Use of Trolls, pt.1

So so young warriors. Next lesson! Who knows what makes us more powerful than Orcs eh?

The pack of goblin scrappers looked around confused... one piped up.."uh, we aint?"

Pah! We are! Sure we're smaller, sure they're big strong brutes, but we have bigger friends and more of them!  Trolls!  And Giants, and half-trolls... Jibberwogs, Gurbenderfs.. and such.  Orcs have some now and then, but not many.. gives em complexes.  See, Orcs so used to being so big & strong, they don't like anything around that makes them feel small.  Makes em uncomturblin. They're very sensitive about such things.. bc they're much small than goblins in the way that counts.. they've got very, very small...brains.

"Ahhh" snickered the rabble of goblins.

Anything that reminds em that they're not so big or biggest puts em off, so Trolls and more come to work for us!  And why not? We're smarter and more clever, can find good uses for them.

Mostly Trolls you'll want to send into the big mobs of big folk, send them flying.. always a good laugh.  And against their knights!  Horses are right scared of Trolls. But Trolls can serve other purposes.  One of my greatest discoveries was realizing that Trolls love to eat goat more than anything else!  But goats fight back, and their horns are right where the most sensitive troll-bits are, so Trolls are reluctant to attack them straight out.  Some hide under bridges, but goats don't cross bridges as often as they used to, so now they tend to throw rocks at them.  Keep a safe distance and smash em good.

Now all we have to do is tell the Trolls the enemy are protecting goats and they're very happy to throw rocks at them all day! Just remember to feed them some goat after the battle or you might get et yourself!

So...let's meet one of my prize rock-throwers! Which of you wants to go for a ride?

I mentioned in the last Brockentooth's update that I'd show a catapult, but that it might surprise you.  
We'll see if it does. 


I like the idea of goblins with engines of war, but I couldn't resist something a bit different.  
Goblins are clever.  They're also lazy.  Much easier to get a troll to throw a rock than make a machine and have to lift the rocks yourself to load it! 

I had this Heresy Troll for awhile, without a clear purpose, and glad I hadn't used him before for anything else. He's a big brute. That's a 50mm Square base he's on. 

Ready... aim....

Another nice thing is I could use this as a catapult, or as a lone Troll or maybe even a Giant.  He's bigger than a troll, bit smaller than a giant, so it's a very flexible addition to the Goblin Army. 

I have another similar fellow I'll show later in the week.  I also did break down and order a catapult, which I'll show when I get it and do a review of it.  Looking forward to that. 

Speaking of Trolls and their hunger, for goat or anything else, Melanie from No, Really, You Can Eat It! (and if there was ever a motto for a troll that's got to be it) is having a contest! More blogging freebies? Count me in! Edible?  Even better!  So that was her link there, go check it out, get some recipes and post in her comments so you can get counted for the contest and tell her I sent you, so I get counted too! 

She's also a nearly daily source of great Cat Pictures.  My Cats approve. 

More Goblin Madness to Follow!

Enjoy Colbert's Troll Story (skip to 3:30 to just view that)  Enjoy!


Anne said...

That is one big bugger of a troll! I'll swing by Mel's place and tell her you sent me. Now that's a lie as I've been following her for 2 years, but what ya gonna do. Gotta help a brotha :)

Melanie said...

Well thanks for the plug!! I really appreciate it...and I shall look past the fact that Anne has been around for as long as she has and give you an extra entry!! (Besides, she's kinda been on hiatus like me, so its like everything old is new again!!)

Also, I would LOVE to see a troll and a goat fight. Epic.

Andrew Saunders said...

Thats a great idea for using a troll, has the added benefit of being quite humorous as well

Simon Q said...

Very nice I like it alot. It reminds of the Hasslefree Treeman thowing a ball/bomb.

Old Fogey said...

Trollnuts and a goat - good post. Great figure for your idea, might steal it if I ever get back to my goblin army. A doom diver launched by a troll, has a certain gobliness to it!

Turms said...

Excellent idea! And this catapult don't need those pesky wheels and big crew to move it around. But if there are no goats in the battlefield this catapult might eat the goblin crew running it...

Francis Lee said...

I've been following the mad woman for a while now, good pimping, the videos won't work for me......gits!

Michael Awdry said...

He certainly is a huge specimen! Great idea too, a living, breathing, burping catapult!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Anne :) She should give you 2 entries then, since I found her site through yours I think, or maybe from Fran,hard to remember, now.

Thanks Melanie :) Hmm...I'll have to add a goat to the army somewhere.

Andrew: thanks! Yes,Trolls have good humorous character, so it's nice to have the excuse to add him

Simon: I like Hasslefree, but I don't rembr that one. I'll have to hunt it up and see :)

Old Fogey: Yes, that'd be fun. Made me think just now.. or how about throwing a dwarf bundled up with rope? I loved the 80's warhammer rivalry in miniatures with dwarves catapulting goblins & goblins doing less kind things in return to the dwarves.

Turms: Might be easier to turn an inanimate object than a Troll, but I agree. Nice with the KoW rules, no need for crew since the unit has 1 stat line.

Fran: Bummer.. I know sometimes youtube and colbert nation site videos won't load in other countries. but sometimes they do.I'lls ee if I can find another source for it

Michael: Thanks :) He'll add to variety since my other 2 catapults are different. More on that later

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