Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rally Your Wallet: Zombiesmith Sale!

The July Sale at Zombiesmith is coming to a close soon.
It may extend past the end of the month, it might not.  Don't risk it.

Time to Rally the Wallet!
Sale code is : summer
That gets you 15% off.

Zombiesmith is one of my favorite of the Independent.. Boutique.. whatever your preferred term is.
They're great. Lots of unique & creative miniatures with a ton of character.

Just click on the Taxonomy tag at left for Quar and War of Ashes. Empire of the Dead too for the voyages of the Starship Wombat crew are mostly aliens from Zombiesmith.

This time around I couldn't resist picking up a bit more Quar, including:
Mechanic                                                                Farmer

They also have the new Fidwog :

And the Gwynt : 
(Not on their site yet, see the forum link at the bottom on how to get these)

The War of Ashes game & range are getting fleshed out too. Lots of options and more on the way. 

Four factions currently, with at least one more in development. 
The book is gorgeous. Lots of great art with amusing characters you'd expect from Zombiesmith. 
But I'd say this is probably their nicest book to date.  The background history is original and irreverent:
worth a read on it's own. 
It also appears to be a well thought out game.  Hoping to play in the near future! 

The game is unit based, but units are chosen by selecting a number of 'banners' from the list in the book. 
A banner might be 10 spear & 10 sword and shield, or 20 sword and shield with an elite warrior, or a town watch of a handful of several types, etc. So no points values to worry about.  

I picked up some more to add to my Elvorix and some Vidaar to be an 'opposing faction' for Muppet Saga !

These dark ages 'muppet-like' creatures seem ideal for use with Saga.  And the price is right...

A pack of 10 warriors is $18, command pack of 6 is $12  ...and with the sale even less! 

Not bad for metal minis!  Sure they're simpler than the baroque tendency a lot of minis have lately, but then, these aren't $12 each either. They have a lot of character and the right amount of detail to get the point across.  Very fun to paint too! This is one I did awhile back:

So this fellow will do double-duty as a Linebuck in the Elvorix army and as a 'Welsh-muppet' Warrior in Saga!   Actually very excited to get two playable 'Muppet Saga' warbands finished. 

Here are some other fun minis in their line: 

Look at this odd guy! That's fun. 

Also, if you visit the forum and check out this thread HERE you can get a link & explanation to the items they had at Kublacon that aren't on the site yet! 

The End


Michael Awdry said...

All very tempting, but I must resist - that said every time I see your lovely Quars, I keep thinking I would like some of them.

Impcommander said...

Oh i can hear my poor poor wallet crying now...

Anonymous said...

Very very tempting. I have all their zombies. Been tempted by the Quar in the past. That War of Ashes looks like it has great potential. Might have to order the War of Ashes book...

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