Monday, July 29, 2013

Ropmogs : 'Wardogs' for Muppet Saga, War of Ashes & Goblin Horde

Sometimes you find some minis you like so much you'd like to use them in any project you can squeeze them into. Such is the case for the excellent little Bushwhoolies from Thunderbolt Mountain. I was reminded of these little creatures several months back when Anne painted some, and thought "I really should find an excuse to get some of those."  Then I thought of an excuse.. and another.. and another. Perfect!

Here they are with an Elvorix at the right.  
They paint up fast and are a lot of fun to paint.  I decided I'd give these a variety of colors, just for fun. 
They're 98% done: just need some gloss on tongue & eyes. 

I think they're a good stylistic fit for the Elvorix & the Vidaar for Zombiesmith's War of Ashes.
My Elvorix army has 2 types of skirmishers: Wildbucks & Savagebucks.  The later, elite, are not very numerous. I think I could use these as the Elvorix version of 'wardogs' and fit the Savagebuck nicely.

They could also be useful for Muppet Saga! 
Muppet Saga is my idea of using the War of Ashes minis for a 'Dark Ages muppet theme' with the Saga rules. Muppets must have had a history too after all...

I have my Elvorix set for the Welsh warband, but maybe the Vidaar, who will be the Vikings, would like to use them? Or maybe an Irish warband list with these for the wardogs?

I have a lot left over, so they'll also find homes with Brokentooth's Goblin Tribe.

My plan for the regiments of goblins is to have a lot of extra stuff on the element bases: broken fences, barrels, tree stumps, and critters that cling to the goblins.  I have some GW Squigs, Black Hat Haggis, Russian Rotten Tomatoes and now some Bushwhoolies!  I'm sure the goblins will like them!

So what's with the 'Ropmog' name?

I remember seeing a cartoon when I was little that used an old song 'Rag Mop' where the chorus spelled out "R-A-G-G-M-O-P-P... Ragg Mopp" (music pumps in: doo-do-dooo-do):repeat.  Of course, being the dyslexic kid I was I had the lyrics down as "R-O-P-P-M-O-G-G" and that's how it stuck for me, so they'll be Ropmogs

Oh, don't forget the Zombiesmith sale ends soon!  Check out code: summer  for 15% off.

I found a Muppet Show episode with the song, so enjoy!


Tim Kulinski said...


For some reason, this sounds like a cool idea, especially the rag mopp!!! Dude that is just funny and I love it!


Simon Q said...

Nice job there abit cute to :D

Jan Ferris said...

I do like these miniatures. It is a shame the US distributor no longer is going to carry these. Nice job!


Francis Lee said...

I loved the nostalgia slap upside the head with the muppets, the figures are full of character....I like the little feckers!

Laughing Ferret said...

I couldn't find a US source either, but the shipping was affordable and very fast, so no complaints from me. Plus the creator gets a larger amount of the money, so that's nice for the smaller companies.

Laughing Ferret said...

I have tried yet again to make threaded comments function, and again have failed- I even checked and the html code is identical with what should work, it just doesn't, and I can't figure out why. argh. That reply button under the comment does absolutely nothing.

Talarius said...

Looking good. I haven't checked, but I might have enough "Vikings" ready for battle already. We might bring these Moopets to Chicago? It's a possibility. Love the colors; they look very fun to paint.

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