Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Two Beastmen : Psychedelic Furs Blood Bowl Line-up Introductions pt.3

Since I showed you the first two sets of 2 players on The Psychedelic Furs, all beast Chaos Team, it seems only right to have the next two on the next Tuesday. There should be enough Tuesdays left between now and the event to show the whole team and still show the final painted team before they head to Chicago for the 2013 Chaos Cup. Which reminds me.. last update I think I said they had to be finished by October? Not sure where I settled on that bit of mis-information.. I have until early September... oh Minotaur Droppings!

Here are the next two (I'm going in order of how i photo'd them, which was random, not by roster number):

#12: Xtc and  #13: Yaz

Both of these have been converted to show the mutation 'Claw', although it also works for 'Big Hand'

Both of those mutations would be very useful on a Chaos team: Claw is great for ripping through armor, and Big Hand makes picking the ball up easy.. which is something a Chaos team can have problems with.

Xtc's arms supported the large hands just fine, but the arms of the other were too thin and not in a suitable pose, so this miniature needed new arms as well.  The plastic arms came from Khorne Bloodletters and the hands came from Genestealers.

In the tournament, both of these players will be regular, unskilled beastmen.  However, the tournament allows you to give any two 'linemen' players without additional skills a mutation each for the last game.
So for the last game, these two will get mutations.. and if I'm facing a team of armor 8 or more it's likely I'll take a pair of claws for some last-game brutality!

In other team news, the resin bases arrived and the team have been transferred to their bases (more on that later) and primed.. they await a window for painting.

The company that produced these Beastmen, Willy Miniatures, is finally ready to start their Indiegogo campaign for their next team: Halflings. These Halflings sculpts by Ramos are amazing and I'll definitely be backing this team. No link yet, but I'll edit with the link when it goes up, on the 31st of July.
Check out more pictures of them here: Ramos Halflings

Until next Tuesday, these #12 & #13 will leave you with their theme songs...



Barks said...

Love the conversions, really looking forwards to this team.

Oliver said...

The hands/claws look realy good. Keep it up !

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Barks! It's always a bit iffy to convert such nice sculpts, but in the end I couldn't resist the temptation to convert.

Thanks Oliver!

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