Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beastmen of the Psychedelic Furs w.i.p. Intro Lineup pt.2

Time flies...

It's been three weeks since I showed the first couple players of The Psychedelic Furs, the Slanneshi Beastmen Blood Bowl team headed to Chicago. Only a bit more than two months to go.

If you missed their intro, check that out HERE.

The team has a long way to go still... I've done *zero* work on them since the last update. 
No time... too much other stuff. 

But I did order some bases- I changed my mind on how I'll be doing the bases for the team, and would rather paint them on their bases, so waiting for those to arrive absolves me of the sin of procrastination. 

So let's meet two more of the Furs...

This is #2 Ber Lin on the left, and #3 Adam Ant on the right.

Both my players with wrestle have a tentacle mutation, so it is easy to identify.
  --Easy to Identify means no, I won't put a fluffy ring around the miniature.  ;)

Adam Ant is one of my players with Guard.
  With that pose, the wicked looking horns and that threatening tail he does look like he'd ben serious about guarding something!

Worth noting that these two are the same miniature.
The Willy Miniatures team comes with 8 distinct Beastmen poses, which is great, but I still needed more since I planned on the all beast team. So i ordered 4 extra with the Kickstarter, picking 4 of my favorite poses that were not too distinct for my extras.  Simple matter of shuffling those extra heads and converting: one got the intended arm, the other got a tentacle, and the arm mini got a tail added, and now they're looking different enough they won't have an ego-clash on the pitch... goats can be stubborn.

Though the team is 'The Psychedelic Furs' I'm sure you've noticed the wider net cast to find names for the players, so in their honor I'll leave you with a song each below.

I did say goats are stubborn... I better give the last two members their songs too, or there might be trouble.

Wish me luck on finding the time to finish the team before kick off in October!
With all of the commissions and other projects vying for attention it could be a close call.


The first two beastmen, repeated from the first introduction update:
#10 Squeeze on the left with Wrestle, and #5 Echo on the right with Guard.

Twice the Music on a Tuesday.. Enjoy!


Oliver said...

Looking promissing. I'm sure you've done it befor but how about adding something ferrety to the team like sculpting a feret head on the quarterbacks or making the ball a ferret. Bonne continuation !

Francis Lee said...

Very pretty pretties sir!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Oliver! Well one of my teams does have a ferret, my Chaos Pact team, the Narnia themed one has a ferret for the skaven player. and I have thought about an all-ferret skaven team. hmm. But not for this team, since their theme is 'horns & hooves':nothing but beastmen & a minotaur. But that does give me an idea.. I should make a Ferret Referee then I'd have one for every game.

Thanks Fran!
Just wait till they get their pink armor :)

Michael Awdry said...

Nothing wrong with a spot of procrastination, I've a black belt in it! Great start, looking forward to the bases arriving.

Anne said...

Ber Lin is my favorite. I always have to pick out one or two from your teams to really root for.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see these guys are back on the workbench. Really excited to see how this team turns out. Oh, and the ferret referee sounds awesome in my book!

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