Thursday, July 4, 2013

Little Lizard for Eucalyptus Bowl 2013

A quick update for a Blood Bowl tournament I wish I could go to, The Eucalyptus Bowl.

The amount of cool stuff they have for this event is amazing.  From custom playing pitches, to scoreboards to the frill neck lizard 2013 special miniature.

I was quite lucky to be given a couple of the special miniatures before the event, and painted one and shipped him off to Australia, hoping the post gets him there in time, where he'll be a prize of some sort.

If I was wealthy I'd certainly have loved to have hand delivered it, and play in the event.
Well, maybe start saving and try for next year?

Here is the miniature:

I decided to interpret the dagger as made from a large reptile's tooth, rather than a metal dagger, but it could be done either way.

The Miniature actually comes with 4 different choices for the head, and 4 different arm choices!

The organizer requested that I use this head & arm, making him a nice choice to represent the Lizardman Team star 'Hemlock' who has the ability 'stab'.

Here are some other possible combinations:
Frill Neck Lizard 2 Frill Neck Lizard 3 Frill Neck Lizard 4

I just fell in love with this little lizard, he's just so cute!
It's hard to pick my favorite head & arm combination.
My copy will undoubtedly make his way as a skink star to the Skink Stunty team I'm making.

I hope everyone who is lucky enough to attend the Euc Bowl will have fun, and I'm very envious of you!


Michael Awdry said...

What a cracking job on a glorious miniature! I love all the possible combinations and I'm particularly drawn to the open mouthed one in the middle.

Francis Lee said...

Very nice miniature mate and very nicely done, he is quite cute!

Barks said...

Nice paintjob! I'm going to EucBowl, I'll keep an eye out for him!

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely!

Anne said...

I've heard about this one and how they have those special mini's done. They did a Kickstarter last year in order to have a team cast of figures from previous years. It was too expensive for me, but those figures were special.

Anonymous said...

He looks great LF.

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