Sunday, July 21, 2013

Middle Earth Nature Walk: Rangers & Woses

I recently completed a bit of Mithril Miniatures for a client's extensive Mithril collection.

I do love Mithril Miniatures. They have such smooth elegant lines and realistic, not excessive, detail.

I once had a Wood Elf army for Warhammer that was about 2/3 Mithril minis.
Never should have sold those.

So this set was Rangers & Woses: two different approaches to living in the wild.

The challenge here was to match the colors & styles of the previous painter, who had painted a lot of these, so that the new additions would match.

It can be a very interesting process to duplicate someone else's style, it gets you analyzing and thinking about the process more than proceeding on your own.
And matching colors, finding the right blends to match is fun.
For a few years in university I worked as a picture framer, where you deal a lot with color theory, but never more than when someone brought in a scratched frame and you'd mix paints and inks to cover the damage.
Trying to match a color is one of the best ways to really understand the make up of the color.

So, to the Mithril:


The example one didn't have a spear, so I got to paint the wood staves in my favorite method. 
The leader's decorative paint was inspired by Magwa. Couldn't resist. 

Apparently, they do a lot of walking! 


I do love how Mithril Miniatures handles cloaks! 

I like how these two interact...

Woman, "Why, that's no way to hold a child!
Man, "huh..what?"
Woman, "dear Iluvatar, but that is an ugly child..."


Sam Wise said...

Nice figures !!
The painting work is perfect, especially on the Woses!!

I love too the last ones: never thought to do such a joke with them !

I'm also a "collector" and painter of MITHRIL figs: I like their own "charme".

Derek said...

My goodness, Woses! They bring back memories I never had many Mithril Minis, just the Hobit boxed set, but I remember Woses from the ICE MERP RPG supplements. Full of great Angus McBride artwork. Great times, thanks for posting these, I may have to look up Mithril minis and see what's available...

Anonymous said...

Nice work LF. That last picture is a hoot.

DeanM said...

Very nice painting - excellent figures. Dean

Jay said...

Nice work, Mr. Ferret.

Michael Awdry said...

Gorgeous work Sir, love how you've managed to tie both together through the colour palette.

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