Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tiberion: My Conversion for the Skorne Character Titan

Time to show another conversion!

For my ever-growing (and no paint progressing) Skorne Army, I couldn't resist adding the character Titan, Tiberion. Tiberion is a real brute.  A massive, stoic, stubborn Titan if ever there was one.

Armed with a massive warclub and shield this Titan is the rock armies break themselves on.

But I wanted to do the guy justice.  Something special for a Character beyond just the character head & weapon upgrade kit stuck onto a standard Sentry Titan.

So I started with the Bronzeback as a basis for the conversion.  The Bronzeback is a great deal more massive than a regular Titan, which seemed fitting for a character Titan. The problem is a Bronzeback has a hunched pose which would look odd with a shield and not impressive for the club. Also, the Bronzeback doesn't have any back armor, and being the epitome of defense, I figured Tiberion would have the Sentry style armor. So here goes:

I gave him a small rock to stand on, and angled his torso back and sculpted some tummy to cover the gap that created, giving him a more upright posture.  I used the plastic kit arms, since the Bronzeback arms didn't work well for the weapon & shield. I did however use the Bronzeback tusks, and broke one off- he is a veteran, he's going to have taken some damage in his life!  I also moved the extra helmet flaps from the side to the top-center, to make a helmet styled something more like a Samurai might have. 

For comparison, here is how Tiberion is supposed to look:

And more angles of mine:

Here you can see his custom armor to match the style of the Titan Sentry. 

Batter Up!

And a comparison shot to see how Tiberion compares to a standard Titan Sentry: 

I have to think he's more impressive with this added size.  
As normal his head and weapon would have just been stuck onto the fellow on the right. 

I know, I know... "Paint him!" you say. Someday, just not as soon as he deserves.  


Francis Lee said...

I really like and prefer your version sir!

M R Lee said...

Nice conversion indeed! Liking the back armor indeed.

Michael Awdry said...

That is an awesome conversion! So much work crammed in here - fabulous job.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a titan. Well done. I like it a lot.

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