Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time to Play "Guess the Project"!

I did this once before, where i show a picture, then more, seeing who can guess the specific project concept first. I don't know how long I'll draw this one out though- I want to reveal it pretty quickly, so I can put up a poll and get some input to aid my indecision for something in the future.. more on that later.

So here are your accelerated paced clues:

"Hey Yorrik!" says little gator "I know it was always a dream of yours to fly..."

"When biting isn't enough..."

"Watch where you're swinging those!"

Quotes have nothing really to do with it, but since I can't explain anything yet, I had to write something!"

So, what do you think the project is? 


Desert Scribe said...

Blood Bowl?


Song of Blades & Heroes?

M R Lee said...

Goblin/Orc replacement Blood Bowl team? Could see that little guy at the top tossing an exploding skull as a secret weapon :)

Old Fogey said...

Blood Bowl goblin team for me too. Top one is a thrower, then two special weapons below?

Francis Lee said...

Blood Bowl but only because of your addiction to Blood Bowl!

Leif Eriksson said...

Mordheim campaign, set in Lustria, using non-GW figures.

So next post will be a bunch of scantily clad amazons.

Or maybe, even a recreation of the Magnificent Sven scenario from the 2nd edition Warhammer box?

Malkav said...

I do not think it is Blood Bowl. To much weapons on them for that.

I'm not that mauch into that Warmachine / Hordes stuff but isn't there something with gators? Didn't you write somethin about a restart of that Warmachine /Hordes thing which might end up in a new project?

Laughing Ferret said...

Some very close guesses, but no bulls'Eye yet. I'll actually be expanding these later, to add more gators with more weapons, to run them as a generic/various system fantasy skirmish warband, but they are indeed members of a Blood Bowl team..now, which one? Next clue in next update!

Malkev: I will be making a small Gator faction using some non-PP gator minis, but these aren't them. Unfortunately I was too busy & too low/no mood for gaming these past 2 weeks, so I didn't jump into the WM/Hordes league, maybe I will late, but I'll be using the Pigs if so... good guess though!

Leif: Fun guess! some of these will eventually make their way to some kind of fantasy skirmish, but their first stop is the Blood Bowl pitch.

MrLee... so close it'd burn you, but not quite.

Bill said...

Underworld team. Gobos, Rats and Trolls?

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