Monday, June 3, 2013

She Wants You! To Play More Blood Bowl

Pausing in my coverage of the NATC Las Vegas Blood Bowl coverage to plug another Blood Bowl tournament. 

Last year I converted, painted & donated an Orc Navy Blood Bowl team to the Atlantic Coast Charity Cup.  Events this year kept me from doing it again, but I did want to at least donate a couple miniatures. 
The tournament is run by a good guy for a good cause, and from what I've read, looks like a good tournament as well, too bad it's so far from me or I'd be going.  

But if you're anywhere near the East Coast of the US or have a lot of frequent flyer miles, you should go! 

Check out the tournament info here: ACCC

Here are the two miniatures I'm donating:
Keeping with the 'Navy' theme of the tournament, here is a 'sailor girl cheerleader' converted from a cheerleader from Impact Miniatures.

Also, a 'sailor girl bloodwiser babe' converted from a reaper miniature. 

I hope whoever wins them will enjoy them, and hope everyone enjoys the tournament! 


Michael Awdry said...

Delightful fun and nicely converted too - a wonderful addition to any collection.

Tim Kulinski said...

Nice work man, somebody is going to be real lucky for those!

Thantsants said...

Everybody loves a sailor!

Very nice indeed - must get round to some of these sideline characters myself some time as I hope to be playing a bit more Blood Bowl this year.

Simon Q said...

Very nice miniatures and very generous of you. The Orc team was superb.

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