Friday, March 9, 2012

Blogger Blunders Followers: I am Blind.

I don't go 'off-topic' very often, and when i do, it's usually still related to gaming in some way, but this time it's just a bit of a rant and a heads-up to the followers.  It seems Blogger is having more problems.

Awhile back it was that some people couldn't post comments.  In the end I think it was a problem between Blogger and Internet Explorer. Changing the style of how comments are added seems to have fixed it, and I also got rid of the robot detector, since the newest one is exceedingly annoying.  I don't think I needed it.
I do get spam comments occasionally now, but the spam filter has always caught them, so that's fine: no more robot detector, easier ability to comment, all's good.

But late last week my followers disappeared.  Well, not really, they just became invisible. Followers are still there, and seems to be fine: Blogger shows me how many there are, but not who they are. The follower section show up blank in the dashboard and the widget on the blog page itself.  Since then there have been about 5-7 new followers, but I can't see who they are. I like to see if followers have a blog, check it out and likely follow too, have found some great blogs this way. So I really hope Blogger fixes this!

Apparently lots of people have this problem and have had this problem, going back years.  Some say it just magically fixes itself.  And I've seen there are many voodoo fixes, but none of them worked.  So apparently the technological powers that be have released the flying monkeys on my followers.

So until Blogger fixes it, or the monkeys get tired and go home, I just can't see who's following. Normally I'd have visited the blogs of new followers if they have them, but at the moment I can't see any.  I can see icons and names of people who comment, just the follow widget is broken. Tried re-installing it, updating flash, clearing cache, etc etc. I suspect I need poisoned bananas.

Just wanted to let you know if you follow, everything is fine other than a bit of annoying lack of info on my side and if you're new and want to follow, you can, your icon will just be hidden until Blogger fixes a problem they apparently haven't fixed for over 3 years.

In the meantime, enjoy some music!


Rodger said...

On the computer at work I cannot see the followers, but at home I can. Blogger can be a real pain sometimes.

Lee Hadley said...

I've encountered this myself about a year ago. I think this issue might be linked to the settings of your browser's Pop-up blocker rather than with Blogger. This is why you can see followers on one computer but not another.

I might be wrong (my memory isn't what it used to be!) but its worth a try.

Anne said...

This happened to me too and it lasted about a week and then magically fixed itself. I don't know what causes it. Right now blogger isn't driving me round the bend, but give it another week and something will go wrong.

styx said...

At work I cannot see followers also and have some issues also. But I use standard IE...when I swap to Chrome (or if you have Firefox) it fixes most of the issues. Give it a try if you have not.

The Angry Lurker said...

I've heard of this but never experienced it...yet..but it usually self repairs!

PsychosisPC said...

I've had that happen about 4-5 times since I have started blogging. Each time lasted a week or less, and then abbra-cadabbra it reappeared.

I blame Magic. It's easy to blame magic, just as I blame GW for the damn magic in their Fantasy game for ruining a good game. Its easy.

Michael Awdry said...

All very strange; not experienced this one myself ... yet! Other problems have been 'eased' by switching browsers and then returning after a week; makes no sense, but there you go. Great track by the way, can't believe that was over 30 years ago! Where did the time go!

Alfrik said...

Have had that problem several times, days to a week. New Video card and ramping up to 12 gigs of ram did not stop it from happening so fairly sure its nothing we do wrong.

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