Sunday, March 25, 2012

Charge of the Quar Brigade! LPL6 Round 3

Round 4 of the Lead Painter's League challenge has started, which means I can now show my entry for Round 3.

I entered some Quar Royalist Cavalry:

My theory behind entries is "Paint a variety of stuff that gets some progress on the 50+ projects I have and may never finish".  Maybe the bias is less than it once was, but it does appear there is a tendency at Lead Adventure Forum for a greater appreciation for historicals over fantasy & sci fi, and certain periods, such as Victorian and Interwar being favorites.  Everyone has their favorites, so I don't have a problem with that. I tend to like almost all things mini-related, but I have some soft-spot favorites too.  Maybe it'd be smarter to 'play to the audience' more if I was really gunning to win, and while I'd be lying if I said I don't like to win, I'm not real big on competition, more enjoy the process and community of it.  Awww, don't I sound like a hippie? ;) At the heart of it, I find competition too stressful, and don't like the feel of it when I approach something in a serious-competitive way, whether I win or lose, so I tend not to.

So I'll stick to painting what I want to paint and get some progress on the projects I've already committed to.

Round 3 entry is the Quar.  If you're new around this blog and haven't checked the older updates, you'll find a lot of Quar here, it has it's own index label in the left column.  Despite being non-human aliens, I think Quar fit in pretty well with historicals actually.  These Royalists seem great for a Franco-Prussian war to turn of the century setting.  I like all the Quar, but the Royalists are my favorite.

I love their mounts.  They look like what might evolve if there had been no horses and capybaras filled their ecological niche.

Round 4 is a small fleet of Space Ships. You can check them out and all of the other entries for this round.  There are really great entries.

Just some thoughts on the process:

So far I've won my 3 rounds, but I haven't yet faced any of the powerhouse heavy hitters there.

This is my favorite painting challenge I've found, but there is one thing I find a bit disappointing:  the total number of votes.  Voting is done in paired-off challenges, but some get as much as 10-20% more total votes.  Since the main criteria for winning is total number of votes, this can hurt people's chances.  My last entry had about 50 votes less for our pairing than some of the others and some other pairings had a good deal less than ours. I suppose sometimes people may not vote if they just can't decide, but I doubt there is much chance of being exactly evenly drawn in someone's mind.  I just think it's a shame and a bit unfair for people to vote for some pairings but not all. Not only does it give some a clear advantage but it's also like saying "the effort you took isn't worth my effort to vote though I did vote for others".  Everyone took time and effort to paint and photo their work, they should all get the same consideration.

Next will be a return to the final games of the West Coast Quake. Stay Tuned.


Lead Legion said...

Beautiful work.

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Super minis, great "mise en secene". Good luck!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

I saw those during Round 3 - wonderful characters!

Glad to see you home from Vegas OK!

Michael Awdry said...

Another great round! Not sure how I've managed to live so long without know about Quar! Just been looking at the earlier Quar posts and really loved the little video, great stuff.

Impcommander said...

I've always wanted some Quar... They are just pure awesome

Anne said...

I'm not a gamer, just a newbie painter and I like the fantasy and sci-fi better than the military for myself. As a painter, there are no limitations to what I can do with the figure. This is some really nice work here. I hope you place well and you've a good attitude toward competing.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thank you all :)

I do love the Quar. Have a lot of plans for future Quar additions.

Michael: yes, I'd think Quar would be right up your ally. They'd make some good dino hunters ;)

Imp: You should get some! They really grow on you. I kept thinking about them until I finally went ahead and ordered some. Never regretted it.

Thanks Anne! so far I've crawled up to #6 out of 40, but not sure it will last. We'll see!

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