Thursday, March 22, 2012

Orcs Hit Las Vegas: Game 2 Tournament Report

If you missed the action of Game 1, you can check it out in the update directly before this one.

Now that I realized that Orcvis counted as a secret weapon and wouldn't be sticking around for the whole match, I wondered what he was doing the rest of the time.  That was soon answered...
Apparently he had other duties and pleasure that demanded his attention.  
With beauties like these, who can blame him?

Game 2: Bronze Boars vrs. Ghouls Gone Wild (Undead).

Ghouls Gone Wild had the full spread of Undead goodness: 2 Mummies (1 with guard), 2 Wights (1 with guard, and I believe 1 with tackle), 4 Ghouls (2 with block) 3 Zombies and a Skeleton with Dirty Player. 
He told me straight off that he was going for the 'most fouls' award, which was sporting of him. 

Pregame: We tied for fame, and he won the coin toss, electing to receive.  

I kicked and rolled a kick off result that saw a fan come on to the field to help my team! So I had 12 players, not bad!  The extra is a sideshow dancer of some kind, counting as a loner lineman with no hands: maybe the dance was Can-can or Irish step dance. 
Turn 1 his Mummy knocks out my Black Orc with Guard, Pete Townrender.  This was bad, but once he was removed he then knocked out The Ox, my Troll!  So much for my man-advantage: before I get to have a turn two of my best players are off the pitch.. not looking good.  A bit of compensation, his foul skeleton got himself ejected for a stun.   In my Turn 1 I knocked out a zombie, so the players are even again, but quality isn't.  The ghouls safely have the ball so I start to try to beat my way to them. 

Turn 3 his Mummy knocks out my Thrower... this is getting worrisome! I pulled off my most famous maneuver next: Go for it: 1: Reroll: 1. No one hits 1 in 36 odds like I do! If only I had something good with those odds...  Next turn I must get to the ball carrying blodging ghoul! I dodge out to blitz her: fail: Reroll: fail. Obviously this Undead team has some bad voodoo in the brew.  
She sits back there, running the clock, taunting me. I'm trying to get to her, at very least to just put pressure on her to score, but #4 Pinball Wizard just can't untangle himself from the attention of the ladies.  I wonder how hard he's really trying? 

Turn 6 a Mummy knocks out another Blitzer. Did I mention this is looking bad? I finally had Pinball free to put pressure on her and she scores on Turn 6 .  

Setting up, only The Seeker, my Thrower comes back, the rest of the knocked out just sit there: 

Only 3 Turns to score to tie it for the half, but I'm down some serious players and he's at a good full team. 
I try for a long bomb throw, but Seeker rolls 2 Reroll: 1. and fumbles it.  The rest of the half is uneventful.

2nd Half: Score 0-1.

I got all my knock out's back in play.  Pheew! I'm aiming to win, so I try to score fast with as much hurt along the way as possible, so I can steal the ball and score a second time.  That's the plan anyway.  

I knocked down many, but no armor breaks, I made a pass, rolled a 3 (for once) and Baba O' Riled Up caught it, ran and scored!  One of very few times the Thrower did his job right this tournament.  
Turn 2:  Score is now: 1-1.   

Turn 4 saw the ball in the hands of a blodging Ghoul again, so I blitzed her and knocked the ball free.  It bounced and landed in Tackle Zone City. A Mummy threw a goblin down on the ball and it squirted out to be caught by Baba O' Riled Up! 

Baba blitzed the ghoul blocking his path, and ran past her. In the clear, he scores on Turn 6 for his second Touch Down, pulling us ahead now 2-1. 

The Ox saw some revenge as the Troll injures the wight Alice Cooper.  Have a bit of Battle of the Bands going on here! 

I kicked again and all the knock outs come back.  The extra dancer takes the field again for my side.

He quickly knocks out a Black Orc and a Blitzer, but the clock is winding down. He still has a decent chance to tie it up though.

The dancer blitzes the ghoul, but with both down, he's the only one who gets dropped.  

In Turn 8 he had one last chance, but on a 1 die block gets the skull, ending the turn and the game ends 2-1 for the Bronze Boars. 

MVP roll said Tommy was the star, but I disagree. Clearly it was Baba O'Riled Up with his 2 Touch Downs for the tie then win! 

It was a great game, the Ghouls really had me in a bad spot right from the start, but that's Blood Bowl, a come back is always possible, unless it isn't. 

The team raises Baba onto their shoulders to take him back to the locker room to try to drown him in a vat of Green Orcaide until he could wrestle free and start a brawl. 


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great comeback mate - well played amongst the mayhem!!!

Tristan M said...

Great report - is that dancer/fan the one with the board? "GGW"

Did you use Orcvis at all in this game?

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks Paul!

Tristan: the GGW board was just one of the Zombies on his team. I used the Orc Kicker to represent the kick off result on-field dancer. Orcvis didn't do anything this game. He set up on Turn 6 of the first half when I had so many knocked out, so he only saw 3 turns of play before getting ejected because of Secret Weapon.

Michael Awdry said...

Good going Bronze Boars! All square as we go into the third match, excellent news.

Anne said...

You put the song up!! That's a great drum intro by Moon, one of my favorites. You've got the best names on here--Alice Copper, very cool.

Lead Legion said...

Great report. Very readable. Nice come-back too.

The Angry Lurker said...

Excellent, really excellent.....

Mr. Lee said...

Great read there, and hopefully this is the turn around in your luck now?

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