Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jumping into the A-Z Challenge Again: Madness!

Last year I did the A-Z challenge. 
The idea is to update your blog with Titles starting from A-Z, once per day, skipping Sundays, and to find other blogs and see what they're doing while you're struggling to do the same thing. 

Last year I'd only been at the blog for a month & a half before diving into it.  I found it challenging enough just to post that often and to come up with some of the trickier letters. I was undecided about this year, but like a lot of my decisions, if I wait until the last minute I'll usually just go forward. This seems to be no exception. 

So with nothing really planned or lined up, I'll be starting it anyway on April 1st (first Sunday is an update day, for A, then other Sundays are skipped until the alphabet is complete). 

To help distinguish it from last year's A-Z challenge, this time I thought I'd give it a theme. 
Not a very narrow theme, but a theme nonetheless. 

The theme for 2012's A-Z will be: Things that influence me, inspire me, or that do the opposite: distress me or make me want to spit venom. I suppose that is a theme of sorts. 

Now, this is a hobby blog 97% of the time, but occasionally you might have heard the strains and screams of the wheels against the rails.  This may increase those frequencies.  We'll see. 

I will likely still have hobby updates that don't fit into this, due to the theme, so I'll probably end up with more than 30 updates in April. 



Not up for it yourself but want to see some of the 1400+ Blogs who are doing it?  Click the link above, it's got them all.
I'm #1470.  Told you I'm a procrastinator! 

That link will take you to the official page of the challenge with lots of updates on the process, hints & other bits. 

If you missed my entries for last year's challenge, you can find them in the labels to the left, 'A-Z'.

And to get in the mood... enjoy:


Michael Awdry said...

Good luck old chap' I will pass this year as I have enough difficulties getting to 10 posts a month let alone 26! Maybe next year! Will be following with interest!

Paul´s Bods said...

Blimey it´s that time again!!!! I will give it a miss this year..for one I´ve got too many other things planned and it near broke my painting capabilities last year
Good luck and have fun

Anne said...

One of the things I've noticed about your blog is that along with being and excellent painter, you are a talented writer. You also have one hell of a sense of humor. I'm looking forward to your entries. Good Luck!!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great Idea - I'm in too, with a familiar theme that the Lad can help with...

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