Sunday, March 4, 2012

Little Less Conversation, a Little More Blood Bowl Action Please

In less than two weeks I'll be at the West Coast Quake, a Blood Bowl Tournament in Las Vegas.
The organizer, Da Loonie Shaman, always has something unique and thematic for the tournament, and since it's held in Las Vegas this year, he's created a Star Player, named Zelvis... you guessed it, a Zombie Elvis.

Every team gets a Zombie Elvis on their team for free.
I suppose an Elvis Impersonator convention got zombified, so there are enough to go around for everyone.
I guess there isn't anything much more iconic 'Las Vegas' than Elvis, and a Zombie Elvis is a slightly less nauseating addition to a team than a blind drunk suicidal Nicholas Cage, so why not?

I was thinking of taking my Aslan's Asskickers, but couldn't imagine a Zombie Elvis fitting the theme of the team. So I thought, what would fit? No hands, Disturbing presence, hypnotic gaze & strength 4? Why not Aslan himself? Plus, he died & came back to life in the book, so I guess he is even a zombie lion! Unfortunately, the lion mini I ordered is on back-order and looks like it won't make it to me in time.  Plus, the rules pack is a lot rougher on the 'pact than the last tournament I took them too. So I opted for taking my 2nd edition Orcs.  -Can't show them per rules of the LPL challenge, but they're my entry for round 1 on the Lead Adventure Forum if you care to see them.

So since the Zelvis mini hasn't arrived yet, I opted for making an Orc Elvis impersonator... Orcvis?

Here he is:

And here he does his smooth spin while he shakes dem orc hips:

All the goblin girls go wild!

How do you make your own Orcvis? 

Start with a 2nd edition Orc Lineman, these old sculpts have so much latent goofy character, I love them!

Next clip and file away all the ridges that stick out on his boots and arm guards as well as the ridge of his helmet.

Smooth the helmet into a forehead.  The helmet cheek guards become big ol' sideburns, add pompadour hairdo. 

Green stuff his dynamo-fu lounge suit. Add too-cool-for-you tall collar.  

Do this while listening to the video below on repeat.

Paint to taste. 


Enjoy the theme-song!


Gunrunner said...


Michael Awdry said...

"Well you can knock me down, step on my face..." Brilliant fun.

Brummie said...

Very groovy. Swing those hips baby

Chris said...

He's Da King Baby!

moute said...

Juste magnifique ....

Laughing Ferret said...

Merci Moute et autres!

Mich said...

Haha that's amazing!!

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