Monday, November 11, 2013

Lunar Apes : Earth's first children to make a permanent home in space

Among the Planets in Peril, not only mankind from Earth has taken to space, but also African Apes.

When the nations of Earth began to take their first steps into space, in the late nineteenth century, they would discover they were not the only intelligent race warmed by the Sun.  But before this realization was made, mankind was not even the only race from Earth, for they brought with them, in fact, sent before them, the Great Apes of Africa.

The first rockets to carry apes into space was from a joint Belgian-French program in 1894.  By 1910 the Belgians and French were the first nations to establish a habitat on the Moon.  This was expanded upon and within a few years had living facilities,  growing their own food, and with the discovery of lunar fungus, which excretes water as a bi-product of its photosynthesis, nothing prevented  permanent habitation.

The human engineers and scientists did not adapt as well as the Apes which had accompanied the settlement.  Brought as experiments to test the effects of life on the Moon, the apes stayed for years while the humans rotated on four month shifts.  The Apes proved to be highly trainable as workers, and with their greater physical strength did not suffer to the extent the humans did moving from the near-weightless surface and back to the unreliable and sometimes punishing artificial gravity of the domes. The Apes adjusted readily to the new environment. With each rotation, more Apes were brought to the Moon. The Apes began to teach the newcomer Apes what to do.

By 1914 both Belgium and France abandoned the Lunar Dome project, being swept up in the war which broke out and engulfed Europe back on Earth.  With a limited number of rockets, only the human scientists and crew could be brought back.  Though regrettable, it was assumed the Apes would perish.

But the Apes did not perish.  They thrived.

When contact with the Lunar Domes was re-established, some twenty years later, Earth was shocked to hear transmissions of demands placed for the return of French prisoners by the Nation of Luna.  It was assumed it must be a bad joke, or a publicity stunt of Hollywood from the Americans. But it was the Apes.

Noted physicist Albert Einstein postulated that it was conceivable that the increased radiation which the Moon was exposed to, could have had a mutagenic effect on the structure of the brains of the Apes.  How else to describe what had happened?  For here it was: the Apes were talking and had established themselves as a power on the Moon, and were demanding recognition as an independent nation.

In fact, the Apes had been contacted by the Draniki, a reptilian race from Venus, when the Thurn launched their invasion on Earth while it waged their own Great War.  This fact has been uncovered by Earth, but the details and ramifications remain unknown.

The Apes repaired three damaged rockets left behind by the Belgian and French program, and began making new ones.  Once recognized, begrudgingly, by Earth, the Lunar Apes, in exchange for permission for limited exploration on the Moon for Earth Nations, received in turn landing right in Africa to bring more of their kin to their new home on the Moon.

Relations remain tense, but no more so than say, between the United States, the Soviet Collective and the Prussian Empire.  Diplomatic relations are open and there are even scientific exchanges.  Some of the Apes have even become something of a novelty or celebrity status, and can be seen vacationing in the south of France or on Southern California beaches.


Another faction completed for small skirmish games in the pulp sci-fi setting Planets in Peril.

I picked up these miniatures quite a time back: couldn't resist them. 

They are from Eureka Miniatures' Boiler Plate Apes line.  There are a handful in spacesuits and I thought they'd be fun for a sci-fi setting.  I added the ape mechanic from Hydra Miniatures to round them out to a team of six.  

I had almost finished painting them when I decided I'd change their weapons.  The miniatures come armed with uzi or m-16.  I decided something more 'ray gun' looking was needed, so I gave them weapons from GW Dark Eldar. 

The three adults: Zera, Joe & Cornelius

Three younger apes: Nikima, Chim, Roddy

The team assembled.

They went to the moon for freedom. 
They came back to Earth to share funky dance moves.


Simon Quinton said...

They look fantastic the new weapons change there outlook completely far better imo.

Clint said...

Fore sure the Dark Eldar weapons are an improvement. As you say more Ray gun.

I find these very thought provoking, what would it say about evolution if these were visitors from another planet?

Michael Awdry said...

Now that is very good indeed, great story and fabulous call on the weapons - they really do the job nicely.

Sean said...

Great looking group, I love Chim chim. You need a Nim Chimpsky as well.

Edwin King said...

I'm really enjoying these background pieces your posting. The figures in this one have to be my favorite so far.

Is Chim an Hydra Miniatures figure?

Thib-0 said...

That's all very cool! The background story and the minis. Fantastic job !

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks! Really appreciate the comments :)

re: ray guns, I'm glad I changed them. I almost didn't since the minis were almost finished and I hate cutting into a painted miniature, but once I'd had the idea I couldn't let it go.

Edwin: yes, Chim, the one with the wrench is from Hydra, the others are Eureka.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great stuff! Did you see the big Ape Nic does as well?

Laughing Ferret said...

I'm not sure Paul, which Ape do you mean? I'm always tempted to get more apes ;)

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