Sunday, November 24, 2013

Most Dangerous in Middle Earth: Mithril Miniatures' Sauron & Balrog

Yesterday I showed Denethor and Boromir in funeral boat.

Today, two more large miniatures from Mithril Miniatures:  Sauron and the Balrog.
It'd be hard to find anyone more dangerous than these two in Middle Earth.

The Balrog

Smaller than the GW Balrog of course, but quite a nice sculpt.  
I have a larger Balrog from Mithril I picked up many years ago, made a converted barbed whip, someday I'll have to paint him up!


I really like the elegance of this sculpt.  The more often seen GW sculpt is nice too, and replicates Sauron as seen in the movies, meaning: all spiky armored like The Shrike. But Sauron considers himself the nearly-undisputed master of Middle Earth.  What need does he have for armor?  Better to relax in his robe, get comfy on the throne.  

Still a couple more to show.. stay tuned.


Simon Quinton said...

I do like both these miniatures more sinister and evil looking. The Sauron is certainly my favourite and looks more how I'd imagine him from reading the books.

Dan Vincent said...

Ditto Simon with Sauron. The Balrog is a little pensive for my liking, but Sauron has an elegant sort of power thing going on there.

Sam Wise said...

I've never seen this Balrog !!
it's a really great piece and your painting work is perfect ! congrats !
Sauron is a beautiful figure too : well done !

Michael Awdry said...

They are tremendous, great sculpts and beautifully realised.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :)

I finally remembered what Sauron's pose reminds me of, if you play Lord of the Rings online, when you call for your horse your character makes this pose. Maybe Sauron is calling for a fellbeast. Anyway, it's a cool pose, and I like this robed version of Sauron better than the shrike-armor.

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