Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two Warlords & Their Finest Warriors Face Off : Muppet Saga

Been awhile since a 'Muppet Saga' update. Muppet Saga is my project to run the game Saga with the War of Ashes miniatures from Zombiesmith. The creatures remind me of Muppets, hence 'Muppet Saga'.

When they had their last sale I picked up some of the Vidaar, which are the enemy of the Elvorix.
The Elvorix I plan to run using the Welsh faction rules, to take advantage of the wild pig cavalry miniatures I converted.  But they need an opposing force, so I have some Vidaar now ready to run as Vikings.

They all still need paint, but here's how the leaders & elites look opposed to each other:

Elvorix vrs. Vidaar

The warlords are on 25mm bases, to give room for each to have their bannerman.

Close up of the Vidaar warlord at right and a Vidaar soothsayer.
I have an Elvorix Augur and so I'm toying with ideas on how to add a simple magic system to Saga.

Elvorix 'Greybucks': the Hearthguard. Some great detail in these delicate minis.

Vidaar counterparts: Lungshyld, the Hearthguard. 

I have enough for two 6pt armies, plus the option of a magic user each.

The Welsh Elvorix will have:

Hearthguard foot
Warriors, mounted* (could divide into 2 hearthguard units)
3x Warriors foot
1 Levy

The Vidaar Vikings will have:

1 Hearthguard
1 Hearthguard Berzerker
3x Warriors
1 Levy


Simon Quinton said...

Sounds like a good plan and it will be a fun project!

Warlord Paul said...

I've had great fun playing Welsh this year, they are the most characterful Saga force for me. Not pictured them as Muppets before but I love the idea!

Dan Vincent said...

Funky little muffins aren't they? You have a fine array of the weird and wonderful here.

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