Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A to Z: Epic

I love the look of Epic scale armies.
When done well it is truly impressive: a massive battle is, well, Epic.

Problem is, I have never gotten around to painting my Epic minis.
This is the Ork army that has been patiently waiting years to be painted.
I played epic a few times, liked it, and probably like many, thought 'what a great way to get a real large army to play really large battles."

Of course I chose Orks, for their fun, junky vehicles, cute stompas & gargants and this fellow:
I am so glad I got him before Forgeworld pulled it.

For Epic, Ebay is the place to go. I got most of this pretty cheaply. Only after did I realize I over-bought.
There's probably enough here for 3 good-sized Ork armies. But that's ok.. it's Orks!

I also have a lot of space marines, with old style rhinos & land raiders. That is one of the few updated sculpts GW has made that I do like- but it's ok, I like the old style ones too, so I won't be looking to replace those.

So why are they still unpainted? Because I have limited time for hobby projects, and don't know anyone locally who plays, and the squeeky rat gets the cheese: what you have opportunity to play steps to the front of the line to be painted.

I also have delayed because I'm on the fence about the bases.

I have a bunch of infantry on strip bases. I have a bunch on sprue, and lots of square bases.
Which to use? I'm not sure which I like the look of better. Squares I probably like a bit better, but the strip bases would allow me to paint them on the base (plus there is no way to remove the plastic adhesive affixed infantry on the strip bases, short of clip & carve... *shudder*).

And then I start thinking of circle bases, with little dioramas for each stand... oh that'd be cool... and so much work.. and I haven't done any on them yet, would I be so foolish as to commit to that?

And so they sit unpainted: waiting a decision and opportunity.

Here's a couple I painted as test schemes and for fun:


NetherWerks said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful problem to have, really. That big rhino-thing with the howdah on it's back is amazing. Never saw that before.

Paul´s Bods said...

!!!!!! And I thought I had an unending collection that I´ll probably (never) get to paint!!!
That Rhino looking thing looks if I was you I´d make time to get him painted up.

Laughing Ferret said...

The Rhino guy is the epic Squiggoth. I actually bought him before starting to collect Epic: I wanted the 40k scale Squiggoth because well, who wouldn't want it? But the price tag is beyond what I could justify, but they had the Epic scale at a pretty low cost, so I thought it'd be fun just to have- then when I got it, I started thinking it'd be a fun scale to pursue. Now I'm extra glad I got it since they discontinued it.

And yes,... find the time to paint them... I need to stop time for a few years ;)

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