Friday, April 15, 2011

A to Z: Moon: Theater of Battle: WWWIII

The year was 2018. That was the year of the invasion from Outer Space.
But not by Aliens.
By Nazis.

I became aware of this movie-in-the-works, IRON SKY, last year.
If you haven't heard of it, I've included the two trailers below.
It looks awesome.

Not just a great movie idea with a sleek film noir vibe, I instantly started thinking about how to game this setting.
A friend of mine got into the idea too.

Some assumptions were obvious:
1. 15mm sci-fi
2. Skirmish platoon sized battles with a handful of vehicles: Gruntz would be ideal for this.
3. I'd be tempted to get the Lunar landscape gaming mat from Hotz ArtWorks

My friend called dibs on the Nazis. For them, we're thinking Rebel Minis' Titan Marines:

Although Eureka has some great SciFi Germans too:

That leaves their opponents.. what will I chose? I didn't know at first, until Khurusan came out with these:

Perfect! These will be the British Royal Lunar Marines.
Support them with some GZG Bulldog Rover APCs and some of those 6 wheeled tanks.

Some great pulp sci-fi battles on Earth or strike back against the Lunar Nazis on the Moon!

Not sure when I'll have time to start this project, but it is fun to plan.

Here are the previews of the movie, and check out the website for Iron Sky.


Body1 said...

Very nice post bro!!

Paul´s Bods said...

Me like....I´ve never heard of this looks very interesting. Great post!!

Spacejacker said...

I'd go with the eureka models. I painted my Titan marines as space nazis but the helmets just don't look right. The eurekas have a better range of poses too. Damn.. Now I want some.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks :) Yeah, the movie looks really fun. I hope they can make it.

Thanks for the input Spacejacker. I think my friend did order the rebel minis, so I may have to get some of the Eureka ones, since I can't seem to only have 1 side for any game or setting, I am always compelled to have at least an opposing force to what I collect.

The justification of course is I'd need an opposing force if I want to be able to play with someone who doesn't have minis for it, or to get new people into it.

But I'm not sure it isn't just some kind of personality disorder ;)

inrepose said...

Eureka ones are brilliant. I have a set but have not had the time to paint them.. Terrible hoarding of models at the moment with no end in sight! Great article, I also like those mats and Critical Mass Games use one at shows now. Very lightweight and look fine. Might have to invest.

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