Saturday, April 9, 2011

A to Z: Hundred Years War

It is hard for me to pick my favorite time & place in history, since there are so many that appeal to me. But amongst the top short list is Medieval Western Europe, and one of the focal points of that era is the Hundred Years War. 

I have always wanted to make a historical army for this period.. but which? England, France? Well, probably both honestly, since they're both so appealing and I suffer from a compulsion to have at least 2 'playable factions' for any game.. which is its own topic to explore someday.

Diving into a new period though, especially one that would require so much hobby time & research just isn't in the cards for right now, or apparently in the past decade. Though the 15mm Impetus project over at Geektactica has me inspired... perhaps I'll do something similar in 15mm. So tempting.

But to scratch the itch of the Hundred Years War, I made this warband for skirmish games like Mordheim or Songs of Blades and Heroes: A fantasy or alternate-earth English-style warband.

In Mordheim I ran them under the basic Reiklander list.
Characters (L-R): Young Will, Sergeant Weller, Sir Henry, Friar Cuthbert, Sergeant York (couldn't resist that one)
Still debating going back to add a Baton Sinister on Henry's shield. Might be fun, but I like the shield as it looks as-is.
Men at Arms
Men at Arms
Archers & Nuggin
Archers and Snodo
Ogre hired sword
Ogre for hire, happy in his new employment.

Until the day I can make a full Hundred Years War army, or two, a skirmish warband was just the right sized project to get a taste for the theme and a useful group of miniatures for a variety of games.


Paul´s Bods said...

Curses! I was going to put up a couple of 100yw bods :-D Still, I have a cunning plan .
very nice minis, the shields look fine as they are and the ogre is a nice touch :-D
I´ve got a few of those stashed where was that????

Anthony Emmel said...

Favorite period...that is a stumper. I'd have to go with Later Crusader my self.

commissarmoody said...

I really like how your warband turned out. hope to see some pics of some games with them in it.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all!

I was playing Mordheim several months ago, and every time I forgot my camera. Serious oversight.

Anthony- yes, that's another tempting setting to build an army for. Someday I'd like to do a 3rd crusade army.

Paul´s Bods said...

A third crusade army...that´s be great. :-D

Man Cave said...

Lovely figs - well done!

Hundred Years way is a favourite of mine too. After my current Dark Ages fix, I'm torn between going to this period or back to early Imperial Roman - ahhh the agony of choice for we few, we happy few!

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