Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A to Z: Vork


What can I say?  This guy is hilarious.  I love the web series 'The Guild', and Vork is my favorite character.

Sure, V could have been Venus, or Vampires, or Vohzik. But it had to be Vork.

If you've never seen 'The Guild' finish reading this quickly, then shut out the world for awhile, and start watching this show from episode 1.  You'll thank yourself. Well, and me.  ;)

The Guild is a web series that does for MMO's what 'Knights of the Dinner Table' as a comic does for RPGs. And it's just as vital and classic.  They're clearly spoofing 'World of Warcraft'.  You don't have to have played WOW- I never have- You don't have to play MMO's to enjoy it- I have: Everquest II many years ago, and Lord of the Rings Online since it started, but only a casual player- not steeped in the subculture... but this show is so funny and general-gamer accessible that you're sure to love it no matter if you play MMOs all the time or if you never have.

Found this at http://www.ronchan.net/wordpress/ : quite a talented artist!
I'm sure this is exactly how Vork sees himself!

Vork is a hilarious character: deadpan dry & serious - a master of straight-man comedy.

My favorite Vork moment starts about 2:28 in on this episode: Enjoy the movie!
But CAUTION: not the safest for work or small children: adult language.

And see them all at:


Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Reminds me playing wow, I used to love that show!

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