Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A to Z: Pole-Dancers (safe for work don't worry)

What is sexier than a goblin?
A better question might be "What isn't... ?"  But these goblin girls are trying their best!

A client had an idea and a specific request: Could I convert a couple cheerleaders for his orc team to hold a banner for the team?

Sure. Why not?

Looking at the miniatures, I realized it'd be a bit tough. Plus, I wanted the banner to be removable, so it could be transported safely.  Rather than try to have the pole removable, leaving an odd hole in their pom-pom, the pole is sunk into place, but it's a tube: the banner will be on thinner rods that drop into the tubes.

This way they're either cheering around the banner, or, with banner removed, they're enticing the crowd with a goblin Pole-Dance.. a ritual known to incite goblins and orcs into aggressive battle-readiness,  fighting each other as they scramble to be the first to get away.

But they mean well and this job as cheerleaders is paying to put themselves through shaman school, so be a good lad and give em a few teeth.


Michael said...

hahaha :)
nice idea!

I will scare the shit out of my opponents with just mentioning their incredible pole dance abilities

Thanks dude!

Anthony Emmel said...

That iz teh awsume. You win @ teh Internetz! ;)

Lobo said...

Sexy, if you are an orc! ;)

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