Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A to Z: Kaamados APC by CMG: Build It & Review

Today I'm building the Kaamados APC by Critical Mass Games.

I ordered one of these to try it out. I chose the one with the Slug Cannons. Not for any reason of strength in game, or anything like that, I just thought it was the coolest looking of the guns.  Best reason I know.

You can find the Build It & Review of the Kaamados Armored car in the entries from March.
I had hoped the armored car could be used as a light/fast apc, but really it was a bit too small for that.
I wasn't bothered since it's an amazing model and I'll happily use it as a light attack vehicle.
So I ordered one of the APCs to try it out.

I'll be honest: I ordered only one because I had my doubts how much I'd like it.  It's got a bit of a wash basin look to it, and I was on the fence for whether I thought it was charming in a retro-functionality way, or if I'd not like it.

Well, let's build it and find out:.

This is the bag, right out of the shipping box:

Right on the package: This is NOT A TOY.  If your romantic-other teases you about playing with Toys you should keep the package and educate them.

Take the items out of the bag:

First impression: Nice.  Very clean and crisp casting.  I really do love resin for models like this.

The hull is in one piece. The bottom has that look of  'poured resin was placed here', but it's the bottom, and flat, so it's a non-issue.

The tabs on the wheels terminate along a tire ridge, so be careful when removing it so that you don't take off too much or you'll lose a tire ridge.

The gun barrels have a slight hole down the barrel.  I drilled mine further, which was easy and safe to do since the barrel already had an indentation in it to guide the drill.  It isn't necessary to do it, I just like a deeper gun barrel hole if possible, and 20 seconds to drill is worth my time.

Keep in mind all the safety precautions of working with Resin.  Go back to the Armored Car Review or elsewhere online for tips if you are uncertain.

Here are the pieces after they are cleaned up:

It took very little time to do this.

There were 2 pieces with slight bubbles.  One gun barrel had a small bubble revealed when filing the mold line and one tire had a couple small bubbles.  You can see how small they were by the green stuff: very minor and no big deal at all.

The wheels do not attach as easily or securely as the wheels on the Armoured Car.  I had to widen the hole with a blade just a bit on a couple of the axle holes in the hull.  Not a big deal, but not as trouble free of a design to assemble as the Armoured Car in that respect. Still, compared to many models it's definitely easy to assemble.

Here it is fully assembled:

Total Build time from bag to assembled (minus wash & dry time): less than 20 minutes.

I haven't glued in the turret.  I'll probably not glue it, so it can turn and I may replace it with other items for versatility.

It measures: 65 cm long, 40 cm wide and 35 cm high to the top of the hull, 45 cm high to the top of the turret.

Here it is with my intended occupant for it: a GZG Mercenary, a.k.a. a Mangalore.

The APC has access hatches on all four sides.

L to R: CMG Kaamados Armoured Car, CMG Kaamados APC, GZG Bulldog.

I'm very glad I gave this model a try.  I've jumped off the fence and planted firmly in the "I love it" yard.

The footprint of the Kaamados APC is nearly identical to the GZG Bulldog, yet overall it gives an impression of being much bigger & more bulky.  In my mind this makes it ideal for my Mangalores, and a good fit for any  'tough & sturdy' race or one using retro/pulp style technology, and makes a nice contrast to the GZG Bulldog.  They should look nice facing against each other on the same battlefield.

Overall I definately recommend the model if you like the design or feel you are on the fence, like I was.
Sometimes I like a model far more once I see it in person, and this is one of those cases.  Its boxy design, rugged & detailed wheels and very nice turret has won me over.  I'm sure I'll be getting more in the future.

Casting: 9/10
Cleverness of Design: 9/10
Aesthetics: 10/10


Body1 said...

I like the post BRO!!

inrepose said...

Nice review, very clear. I need a couple of these for my army, hoping to pick some up at Salute.

Arlee Bird said...

nice assembly job and excellent photos. I used to build models when I was a teen but they were pretty sloppy I'd say. I eventually burned them all--so sad.

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