Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bog Trogs: Something from the deep hits the Blood Bowl Pitch!

The latest commission project finished: a different take on Slann for Blood Bowl.
The client wanted something different than the current options for Slann: something "Mean-looking, not Kermit" were pretty close to his words.  I came up with a few options, but the one he liked best was making a team out of the Bog Trogs from Hordes by Privateer Press. I thought they'd fit the bill: very amphibious looking and certainly mean looking faces.
They remind me of some of the illustrations from the old AD&D module...

On to the team!

-These are my favorite on the team.. I'm just really liking the coral color against the drab light green.

Client wanted different colors for the different type positions, so I went with alight color skin for these fast & fragile players.

Strong & sturdy so I went for a darker bold color. The unit leader of the Bog Trogs, with his gator skin, seemed just right for a blitzer. Worth taking a peek from the back to see it:

Speaking of seeing other details, look at the little stuff hanging from their belts... crabs, sea shells, fish & an octopus lunch, or as I am now used to calling them: 'Osmonog"

And no team is really complete without some tokens..
Had to have some frogs! These will mark Turn, Score & Re-rolls.

The Full Team picture is now in the 'Hall of Fame' which is a separate page you can click under the top banner. 

For Nostalgia sake:
File:D1-2 Descent into the Depths of the Earth.jpg


Ray Rousell said...

No idea what they are, but they look cool!!

Dan said...

These look really good, like the pink fins.

The Angry Lurker said...

Lizard coolness, lovely work.

Chris said...

I love the little frogs armed with gigs, it be like a cow carrying one of those pneumatic bolt things.

Tony said...


Thanks for posting.


Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks everyone :)

Chris: ok, now i'm imagining bipedal cows with those devices as some kind of post-apoc. shock troops.. hmm...

Axtklinge said...

Very, very good!
Love the minis choice and the painting (as usual)!

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