Thursday, October 20, 2011

Contest: Begin the Countdown!

Well that was fast.  Just 2 days ago I announced the contest would start the countdown when it got to 100, but seems the toll is now 103.  I want to give followers a chance to notice the contest and join in if they feel like it... I figure not everyone lives & breathes minis on a daily basis: I start each day with my 'mini news' & checking on the blog list, but others may have a less frequent schedule for such things.

So the contest will close at 12:01 AM Pacific Time Thursday the 27th. So a bit less than a week.
Feel free to enter, should be fun... some interesting answers to Question 3 so far!

Who could win?
You could win! 

Any can enter and it doesn't take a lot of talent or skill.

So hurry before your time is up!

Speaking of unusual contestants... one of my favorite bands & musician and their unusual inception.


Then head over to The Contest to enter, if you haven't already.

I'll just be watching until it's arrival. 


The Angry Lurker said...

Pimped your blog today, needed to get your number to over a 100, hope it helped.

Laffe said...

Well, I joined because of the Angry Lurker, so at least it worked on one person :-)

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