Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It's off to War we Go: Tottenkinder's Commandos

Allied File FT-0732

On March 7th, 1940 Allied Polish Metaphysical Agents identified a trusted officer under Tottenkinder, Hauptmann Weiss, as one of the immortal cultural personification entities.  Hauptmann Weiss commands a small crack team of commandos, carrying out missions of sabotage and presents a serious threat to communications and vital structures wherever they are put into action.  The commandos are diminutive, in fact they are dwarves, and no reliable reports have been made of them numbering more than seven.

She should be considered a top priority for removal and should not be underestimated.

Her code name has been assigned as Snow. 
End File.

Snow Weiss, or Snow White, has been a servant of Frau Tottenkinder for untold centuries.  Lured by Tottenkinders minions, the dwarves, she now serves them as they serve her.  A spiritual symbiotic relationship between them exists that is not understood by those outside of Tottenkinder's circle.  The dwarves are fiercely loyal to her, and she has the ability to heal them from even the most grievous wounds.  The dwarves excel in all manor of covert warfare.  From stealthy infiltration, to sapping, high explosives and bunker busting.  They are a sledgehammer employed with the grace of a rapier.  Snow herself is a flexible and dangerous opponent, able to use the skills of her squad to far more than their meager number would suggest.  


Snow with (L-R) Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy, Doc(in back), Sneezy, Happy & Dopey.

Latest Frau Tottenkinder squad complete!  These were a lot of fun to work on.

Snow is an Ariadna mini from Infinity, and the Dwarves are Grimn from Hasslefree. 

More to come!

And the contest has started!  Ends Oct 27th.  Go HERE for the announcement and the link to enter.

I'll just be waiting till it's time to pick the winner. 


Anonymous said...

That's a rather interesting take on Snow White and the seven dwarves.

The Angry Lurker said...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to kill we go.....very nice work.

Spacejacker said...

Unexpected and brilliant! I hate dwarves with a burning passion, but those Grymm are really nice models.

Tony said...

A great addition to an already inspirational collection.

I once played with the idea of a Dorothy Force, which would have included a huge dog, a tin robot and a scarecrow.

Maybe you could develop the idea?


Michael Awdry said...

I love the the fact that sneezy has some sort of hypoallergenic mask mask on; brilliant. A company of wolves to follow?

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks guys! The feedback is much appreciated.

Spacejacker: Grimn really are nice models. some good poses, crisp detail, nice character in faces.

Tony: Fun idea.. I've been mulling it a bit. Dorothy would definitely be an American operative, since she's from smack in the middle of America and her tale is centered in American mythos. I'd give her good agility, leadership (she did unite a disparate band of foreign creatures into a team) and as a supernatural power, I'd give her the ability to create tornadoes. It was a latent ability of hers.. as a young girl her unconscious mind created them at times of great stress (such as the deep anxiety of the great depression as a poor farming family), once identified, she began the process to control it: the magnitude of the twisters are dependent on her stress level still, so if she is wounded, or a member of her team is hurt, then the twisters get bigger and more deadly.

USSO (US Specials Operations) Specials being very different than the mundane 'special ops' .. recruited her after her trip to OZ. This dimensional transportation is also believed to be an effect of latent abilities, but one they've been unable to unlock. She can however will herself to make short jumps, up to 100 yards, though without a clear visual of her destination she is not able to make the jump. The 'ruby slippers' was just a mental placebo, something to overcome the disbelief in her mind.

Toto is dead, but since she has strong animal empathy, she has trained with a Doberman, named Toto II. Companions brought back from OZ now fight at her side in the battles of World War II Europe:

Scarecrow: now equipped with asbestos stuffing, and easily healed with materials on hand, he is nearly invulnerable to modern weaponry.

Tin Man: with reinforced armor and outfitted with a heavy machine gun. he maintains his trusty Axe. (substitute Tock if he's more your style)

Lion: truth be told, his courage, while discovered, is fleeting, so he often goes into battle after some stiff drinks. If he can maintain his resolve (make a roll) then he can roar, look fierce and cause pinning checks on nearby enemy troops.

... could be a fun force!

Michael: thanks! another player is running a German Werewolf army, so no big company of wolves for me- but still more to come, and you're getting warm ;)

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