Thursday, October 6, 2011

Totenkinder Heavy Machine Gun Troops: Dust Refit & 15mm Use

Here is a shot of some of the first mundane troops for Frau Totenkinder's forces.  Being an extremely elite force, the militant force of the Ahnenerbe, the human troops are going to be very well equipped.  So rather than have 3 man squads for heavy machine guns, I've opted to use the Heavy Ranger Attack Squad from Dust Tactics, and say the armor gives them 3 wounds: so the same amount of shots & damage sustainable as a HMG squad.  These models are supposed to be for the allies in Dust, but that's ok by me.  They're great looking minis and painted up fast... which with the limited hobby time I have, suited me just fine.

I won't be using any rocket booster effects as we don't have such rules, but they looked good with them on, so I didn't remove them.. who knows what use they'll have in the future for other armies & game systems.

Speaking of, I am thinking they'd make nice 15mm walkers!  I got the 'Lunar Nazi' bug awhile back, and think these might be just right for that project.  Here's how they scale with a 15mm mini:

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more!


Spacejacker said...

These look great. I might have to get some to use as space nazi (Titan marines) walkers.

charlie said...

i thoink it might have looked just a teeny bit better without the jetpack. still good though, cant wait to see the rest of the army! are you going to do any more battle reports for this campaign?

The Angry Lurker said...

They're nice models, great paintwork especially the lens and they work well with 15mm.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks all :) The painting is simple, but I'm happy with the effect, especially for the time. It does have me wanting to get to the 15mm project.. but realistically, it could be some time before I can have such free time.

Charlie: I agonized on the backpack: kept debating back and forth, in the end I decided to keep it, thinking it might look too 'thin' without it. but I'm still not 100% sure... what tipped the scales is keeping game options open.

Yes, I'll have more updates for the army as well as battle Reports. As much as I love the gorillas and monkeys of the Belgians, the vehicle and variety of characters is greater for this army, so it'll probably be the one I use in the campaign, though I'm sure the BLA will see some table time too. Going to give this army a test run tomorrow night actually.

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