Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mmmm.. Hirn... Death is no excuse to shirk your duty!

Some fast & dirty troops to bolster the ranks of the Ahnenerbe.

Same troops, but divided into more manageable sums for pictures:

Painted for speed... they are just zombies after all, but I'm pleased with the effect.

31 Zombies in all.  For the basis of them I used the German Zombies from Studio Miniatures, sold through Brigade Games. 30 zombies for $33.50...hard to go wrong. The set is very simple though, with only 2 poses and those are 1 piece: legs, torso & head connected.  The set has 3 sets of arms for every 2 models, with an extra head (must cut the head off of one to use it) and a soft cap to add to a head without helmet. 

With some removal of portions of limbs, cut heads off to change their angle, etc, you can get a decent amount of variety.  To increase this, I added a sprinkling of heads & some torsos from the Mantic zombie set.. and a couple officer heads from the plastic Germans from Warlord Games. 

Death is not an excuse: you fight until Frau Totenkinder says you can stop. 

I don't want to bury the contest...
The contest has started!  Ends Oct 27th.  Go  HERE  for the announcement and the link to enter.

I'll just be waiting till it's time to pick the winner. 


Michael Awdry said...

Ghoulish Grey Germans, love it!

Alfrik said...

No no no, "death is only the begining!"

The Angry Lurker said...

Excellent, I need this in 20mm.

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