Friday, October 7, 2011

Frau Totenkinder: the lady herself.

Awhile back I explained the background for Frau Totenkinder.  Now she's ready to reveal herself (meaning, after working on a client's project I squeezed in some late time to paint her).  Totenkinder is known by many names and has worn many shapes and faces, though her most common and perhaps favorite is that of an old woman... of questionable kind or unkindness. She is not vain in the mortal understanding, and when beauty is called for, she finds it more useful to employ one of her creations or extensions of herself.

This is 'Baba Yaga' from Reaper Miniatures.  Seemed a good match for my idea of Frau Totenkinder.  
Some of the other characters in this army have more modern looking uniforms (and you'll see them soon) but Totenkinder has no use for outward signs of rank and status.  
Anyone near her can feel the power she is draped in: it is enough. 

"Get them my sweet!"
Frau Totenkinder with one of her extensions, Gingerbread Man.  
More of her characters and human soldiers to come. 


Spacejacker said...

"Give 'em the Oven-Breath!"

Paul´s Bods said...


Michael Awdry said...

Wonderful, heading for the safety of the back of the sofa!

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks guys! I forgot to mention that it was seeing this mini in a Reaper Preview that made me think of Frau Totenkinder from Fables and began the idea of this army. Sometimes you just have to have a mini.. but sometimes they bring an army with them ;)

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