Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Contest Countdown to 100

I said I'd run a contest of sorts, saying I'd announce it when the followers reached 95 and let it run till 100.
Looks like it's already that time, so here goes.

Your quest is an easy one.
Answer me, these questions three:

1. What is your name? (blog follower handle is fine, shows up when you respond, see how easy this is?)

2.  What is your favorite blog post here?

3. What is the first game invented by the species Homo sapiens sapiens?

Only one may win.

What is the prize?  
It is a surprise, and may vary depending on the one who wins. 

Who decides the winner? 
I do! 
Or perhaps it is natural selection. 
Someone will be chosen, what you ascribe it to is up to you to decide.  Stop asking foolish questions.

To give you time, I'll close the contest 4 days after the 100th follower joins the blog...

In the meantime, I'll watch and wait.


Paul of the Man Cave said...

OK, I'll be the first mug off the rank! (Do I get extra credit????)

1. Paul of the Man Cave
2. Its a toss-up between the Blood Bowl Hall of Fame post (which then led me to discover all that other Blood Bowl goodness you've done) or the great post on going Dinosaur hunting on Venus!
3. Chase the Cavegirl!
4. The prize will be that great Orc Coach you posted here on Oct - I love that fig, chock full of character, and the Lad would love him :-)

Joshua said...

For starters, my name's Joshua John Walter Luscher. Secondly, I'd have to say my choice in favorite post would be wedged somewhere in between 'Actual Saturn Fly-By' and 'Draniki Scouting Party Sighted'. Space is lovely, quite lovely, and I've a thing for the way you made those green denizens.

Clearly the first game was THE sole effort to fend off boredom. Most common variants involved subtle and not so subtle uses of various sticks and sharp things. :D

bouncergriim said...

Bouncergriim, I really enjoyed following the western blogs/gunfight.

First game... Probably something like rock, skin, sharp thing. A caveman rock paper scissors.

Spacejacker said...

Spacejacker signing in.
Trick question, I don't have a favorite post because they are all so good. The Bloodbowl ones are best though.
The first game played by Homo Sapiens was marbles. You don't want to know what with.

bandit86 said...

Bnadit86 here
Anything you do with Quar
And I will say some form of dice or tossing bones like dice.

Dan said...

1) Dan of Gunnerswargaming
2) BLA: Assembly of the Greystoke, love that walker (still waiting on a completed pic)
3) Stink finger (1 homo sapien sapien has to guess what the other homo sapien sapien has on his finger)

Tristan said...

1) Tristan

2) I literally cannot decide between all the amazing thematic blood bowl teams you've done. Green Goblin dark elves? Are you kidding me? Those are amazing. The nurgle team is beautiful and that Bog Trog team is possibly the coolest slann team I've seen (apart from my jawbreakers ;-) ) Circus team is very well done, perhaps the only one I don't like is the Sarcos but I hate those minis so you never had a chance!

3) First game invented was Eye Spy (something that will eat me!)

Ray Rousell said...

1. Ray
2. All in a Day's Work for Bandidos: Battle Reports pt.I
3. Kiss chase??

TimHerr said...

1. Tim
2. The 15mm post where you alerted us to Iron Skies.
3. Baseball, of course....all you need is a skull and a thigh bone. Little known fact: homo sapiens wiped out homo neanderthalensis just for their skulls and thighbones. Sad, but true.

Lasgunpacker said...

1. lasgunpacker
2. many many posts are excellent, but the recent one I most enjoyed was the one with the Dwarven Ranger conversion
3. Arguing... our oldest game.

Michael Awdry said...

1. Michael Awdry
2. Can't catch me! Gingerbread Man: Minion of Frau Totenkinder, the start of what, in my opinion demonstrates a wonderful sense of humour and a damned great idea!
3. Animal hide & seek, then home for a bit of rock & roll!

G2 said...

I want to play, if it is not too late.

1. George AKA G2
2. Stalking Tiger: Totenkinder's WWWII Walker
3. They played with jigsaw puzzles, which were made out of torn up leaves.

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