Friday, October 14, 2011

Contest for free GW swag

The Chaos Manifesto blog is having a contest to celebrate his 100th update, prize being a gift certificate for some GW product.  Entry rules are easy, so why not help him celebrate and get a chance for some minis?
No reason at all not to, so go there and put your hat in the ring:

Chaos Manifesto Contest

Seems like a nice idea to have some kind of contest & give away... I'm getting close to 100 followers now (pretty amazed and tickled at that) so I'll announce what the contest will be when it gets to 95 and run it until gets to that triple digit.  In the meantime go to Chaos Manifesto and see what the panda might have for you.


HOTpanda said...

Cheers for the shout-out the great picture of me on a saturday afternoon.

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