Monday, October 10, 2011

Hansel : Field Marshall of the Ahnenerbe Militant

Frau Totenkinder rarely interacts with the men under her command, or even other high ranking leaders of the Reich.  For this, her mouthpiece is most often Ahnenerbe Field Marshall, Heir Hansel.  He has the natural leadership and charisma that inspire men to follow him unquestioningly. He is recognized as a brilliant military leader, and while there are many and varied stories of his past, no one knows the truth of it... at least, no one mortal.

Hansel fell into Totenkinder's trap somewhere in Bavaria some eight centuries ago.  Many know fragments of his story, but not the true tale.  It is true that he and his sister Gretel... are these their real and original names?  Only they and Totenkinder know for sure, but these are the names written into the consciousness of mankind, so these are their names. To continue... they got lost in the forest and happened, luckily they believed, to find a dwelling.  Here Frau Totenkinder waited for them, in the guise of a kindly old woman.  It is also true that she was prepared to devour them.  And while the physical manifestation of this transformation method appeared to be an oven, the reality is not so simple or so crude.  Hansel however was an exceptionally bright and brave boy, and from a plan he hatched lured the woman into the oven and thought he had secured their escape. In the tale told by men, he did and this is where it ends.  Totenkinder must have reason to let this story be believed.  She of course could not be killed this way, if she is able to be killed in any way.  Laughing, she stepped out of the oven, fixed the children in her gaze and smiled an honestly pleased smile. She was impressed with his heart and mind.  She could use a pair like these two.

Today Hansel lives on, as a minion of Totenkinder. Tall and fair, with his only impairment being a difficulty in breathing, for which he uses an external breathing apparatus. Rumor is, he burned his lungs in a fire, and this is close to the mark. While undoubtedly Totenkinder could repair his lungs, again, it suits her purpose for it to be thus. Now he is in command of the military forces of the Ahnenerbe, second under Frau Totenkinder.
Of his sister and her role, we'll speak of later.


Miniature Used: Hoss Harbinger from Tannhauser by Fantasy Flight Games. Repainted but I liked the color scheme so didn't change it much. 


Alfrik said...

"Vit my new jet pack I vill cut my travel time to die Outtenhaus in Half!"

Michael Awdry said...

My favourite so far! I love the dynamism of the cloak. Can't wait to meet his sister.

Chris said...

I really like this guy, very sci-fi Third Reich.

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